P1 Forest Visit

Primary 1 visited the forest on Thursday 27th October and had a wonderful time exploring lots of activities related to Fairyland! First we made a trail of breadcrumbs, just like Hansel and Gretal made and we were surprised to see that some of it was still there when we left – we are sure the birds had a lovely feast for their dinner! Next we went into the woods and built houses made of sticks, straw and bricks for the three little pigs! We all agreed that the brick houses were the sturdiest! We also used tree cookies and natural materials to create pictures of our favourite fairytale character. A great time was had by all!


img_2606 img_2600 img_2525 img_2551 img_2578 img_2593

Nursery Forest Visit

The nursery children visited the forest this week.  We went on a scavenger hunt where we collected lots of objects from the forest floor to take back to the nursery to play with and make things with.  We then listened to a minibeast story and went on a minibeast hunt.  We like using the magnifying glasses to see the beasts.  We played games like Hide and Seek and the Sleeping Dragon.  We also went on a Gruffalo hunt through the forest.  Some of us could hear him, smell him and some even thought we seen him.  When we came home we shared what our favourite part of the trip was and put our responses into our Forest Big Book for everyone to see.

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More photographs to follow.