Nursery Open Day 29.11.16

Yesterday, the nursery held an open day giving parents and carers the opportunity to ‘stay and play’ and engage in technologies based learning experiences with their children both indoors and out. The children thoroughly enjoyed giving everyone a guided tour and showing them all of the different things they do in nursery. Parent’s and carers were also given the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience, which was all very positive. Staff were delighted to welcome so many parents and carers to this session and would like to thank everyone for their continued support. Our next open day will be held on  Monday 20th of February 2017. The theme for this day will be Mathematics and Numeracy, as chosen by our Consultative Committee.

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Primary 4/5 and Flat Stanley

Primary 4/5 had great fun reading the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. We learned a lot about world Geography and watched Flat Stanley travel around the world learning things about different cultures and going on fun adventures. 

Flat Stanley in Thailand


21 hour plane journey


Skyscraper Bangkok


Mas and Flat Stanley saying Sawadee (hello in Thai)

Flat Stanley in Madrid Spain

img_1919 img_1932

Flat Stanely in Blackpool

img_1959 img_1960

Flat Stanley at Loch Ness

img_1451 img_1448

Other places Flat Stanely went




Canterbury Australia




Oban and Loch Tay





Although we have finished our Flat Stanley topic we will still be watching to see where his next adventure will be.




Primary 4/5 made a water wheel for Switch off Fortnight

We have been doing lots of different activities for Switch off Fortnight and we have been looking at different forms of renewable energy. Primary 4/5 had to make a water wheel. The children worked really well in groups to create a water wheel and they had to problem solve to figure out how to attach the lolly sticks and they needed to make sure they were all at the same angle. The children worked with blu tack and sellotape.

img_2178 img_2176 img_2152img_2180img_2185 img_2183

Learning about Hibernation in the nursery

The children have been learning about hibernation in the nursery.  We learned about animals that hibernate and created pictures of these animals.  We then played a card sorting game where we sorted animals into two groups: animals who do hibernate and animals who don’t.  We then sorted these into a chart in our big book.

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dsc03746 dsc03747 dsc03748

Citizens of the week 21st – 25th November 2016

Citizens of the week for 21st – 25th November are as follows –

Nursery – Jay Forster for working really hard.

Primary 1 – Calvin Somerville for being kind.

Primary 2/3 – Johan Jensen for working hard.

Primary 3/4 – Kloe Evans for always working hard and being a good listener.

Primary 4/5 – Sophia Bollan for trying really hard.

Primary 5/6 – Scott Brownlie for showing a great attitude towards learning in all curricular areas.

Primary 6/7 – Tatiana Duzy for working exceptionally hard and producing excellent work.