Citizen of the Week 12th -16th December 2016

Citizens of the Week for 12th -16th December are as follows –

Nursery – Callum McCarron for being helpful and working hard.

Primary 1 – The Whole Class for a wonderful performance in the Nativity.

Primary 2/3 – Abbie Cassells for working hard and respecting others.

Primary 3/4 – Eve Ramsay for doing great work on telling the time.

Primary 4/5 – Stuart White for being respectful to himself and working hard in maths.

Primary 5/6 – Kirsty Clay for always being respectful to others.

Primary 6/7 – Logan Abraham for helping others with their maths.


Lights, Camel, Action! P1-3 Nativity!

All of the children in Primary 1, P2 and P3 performed in their nativity, ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ this week. Both shows were a fantastic success! The children all acted their parts very well, sang beautifully and their dancing was wonderful.  The show got lots of laughs, cheers and even boos from the audience, who even joined in with our final dance.  We are very proud of the children for all of their hard work over the last few weeks.  Thanks to the School Choir for performing their songs on both days. They were wonderful! Thanks also to the parents for their support in providing costumes and also to the staff involved for making the show a great success.

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Christmas Jumper Day

On Tuesday we all dressed up in our Christmas Jumpers to raise money for charity.  We raised a fantastic £112.92! Well done to everyone involved!


Morning Nursery class


Afternoon nursery class


Primary 1


Primary 2/3


Primary 3/4


Primary 4/5


Primary 5/6


Primary 6/7