Citizens of the week 27th – 31st March 2017

Citizens of the week for 27th -31st March are as follows –

Nursery – Joey Davidson for being kind and helpful.

Primary 1 – Hollie Newlands for being a good friend.

Primary 2/3 – Abbie Cassells for being a hard working citizen.

Primary 3/4 – Holly Frame for  being kind and helpful to others.

Primary 4/5 – Beth McGee for being respectful to herself and working hard.

Primary 5/6 – Antony Murray for working hard on his homework project.

Primary 6/7 – Sarah Burnett and Louise Brownlie for always being kind and helpful especially during golden time.


This Week’s Events 27th – 31st March

Monday 27th March – Waste Awareness Week

Tuesday 28th – P3/4 to forest

Wednesday 29th – Parental Consultations 3.30-5.30 and 6.30-9.00

Wednesday 29th –  Bikeability for P6 pupils

Thursday 30th- P1 to forest

Friday 31st – Easter assembly 9.15 – parents welcome.

Friday 31st – P1 outdoor cooking adventure!

Please remember that the school and nursery close at 2.30pm on Friday 31st March and reopens at 9am on Tuesday 18th April.  We hope you all have a great holiday!  Happy Easter!

Easter Egg clip art



The children in the nursery have been learning about other items we can recycle in the nursery.  Today the children in the afternoon were placing our used ink in the recycling bin in the school.  We also recognised that we can recycle bottle tops, batteries and glasses too.

DSC04745 DSC04746 DSC04747 DSC04749

Learning about Spring in Nursery

As part of our seasons topic which is running throughout the year the children have started learning about Spring. The have shared what they are learning in our Big Books which can be viewed anytime you visit the nursery.

The children have been learning that the mornings are lighter now as the clocks changed at the weekend and we got less time in bed.  Some of them said they wake up early because the sun shines in their window now.

Today we shared what we knew about growing plants and we have set up an experiment to see how the flowers drink the water up through the stem into their leaves and flower parts.  We had to colour the water so we can see this happening.

DSC04695DSC04704 DSC04703DSC04729 DSC04732

We also played a game on the C-Touch where we watered the plant and gave it some light to grow and when the flower had no water or light it didn’t grow.

DSC04700 DSC04698DSC04742 DSC04741 DSC04736