Citizen of the week for 24th – 28th April 2017

Citizen of the week for 24th to 28th April are as follows –

Nursery – Lily Faulds for doing good tidying

Primary 1 – Henry Amos for working hard

Primary 2/3 – Amy MacBryde for writing independently

Primary 3/4 – Cara Walker for being helpful and respectful to others

Primary 4/5 – Connor Frame for being respectful to himself and working hard in maths

Primary 5/6 – Ella Baillie for being a responsible citizen

Primary 6/7 – Arran Preston for asking really meaningful questions to all our visitors


Sharing equally

This week in the nursery we are learning to share objects equally.  Today we used the transport resources.  We learned that to share equally everyone should get the same amount.  “Sometimes we had some left over so we kept them because when sharing we should all get the same.” (child quote)

DSC04975 DSC04976 DSC04977 DSC04978 DSC04979

Counting on

This week in the nursery we have been playing with the transport resources to practise our counting skills.  Some of the children are learning to count out objects developing their understanding that numbers represent quantity.  We are also learning to count on, developing their understanding of addition.  We will continue to practise these counting skills in everyday contexts.

DSC04971 DSC04972 DSC04973 DSC04974 DSC04890 DSC04891 DSC04893 DSC04894