Dux Awards and Citizen of the Year Award 2017

Every year, Sir John Mann leaves a sum of money from his will for Carnwath Primary to award two pupils with a Dux Award.  Every year this award is calculated through many different measures of academic achievement within many areas of the curriculum, including within Reading, Spelling and Mathematics assessments as well as through Social Studies,  Languages and Science in a General Knowledge Quiz.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Dux Award for 2017 are pictured below.  Well done to both of you for achieving academic excellence across the curriculum!  We are very proud of you!


School Dux 2017


Girl Dux 2017














Congratulations to the children who were nominated as ‘Citizens of the Year’ at the Leavers Assembly.  These children were deemed to be the most respectful, kind and caring children in our school.  It was a very tough decision because we are very proud to say that ALL of our pupils are respectful, kind and caring and this has been evident throughout the year when they have received Citizen of the Week awards and have also gained thousands of points for their House.  We would like to say a huge well done to all of our pupils for being the best they can be this year!

Our overall Citizen of the Year was Ruaridh McNiven from P4. Ruaridh has shown so much kindness and respect towards his classmates and to staff since joining our Nursery Class at the age of 3. He is such a kind, polite and helpful boy who recognises when others need help and steps in to help and support whenever he can. This has been recognised many, many times as he has been awarded Citizen of the Week numerous times and has also received the Citizen of the Year award for his class before too! In class, he always puts 100% effort into his work and is making superb progress as a result of this. In the playground Ruaridh demonstrates beautiful manners and plays very well with others, looking out for those who need a friend and ensuring he includes everyone.  Ruaridh, we are so proud of you and know that you will continue to be one of Carnwath Primary’s most respectful citizens as you continue through school.


Citizens of the week for 19th – 23rd June 2017

Citizens of the week for 19th – 23rd June are as follows –

Nursery – All the boys and girls for welcoming their new friends into the Nursery class

Primary 1 – Catherine Dickinson for being kind

Primary 2/3 – Ayva McShane for always being kind to others

Primary 3/4 – Eve Ramsay for being really helpful

Primary 4/5 – Rhiannan Stormonth for being respectful to others and being well mannered

Primary 5/6 – Matthew Moffat for always being kind to others

Primary 6/7 – Morgan Waters for being really helpful