P2/3 Shoebox Appeal.

P2/3 would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated any items for the shoebox appeal. Our shoeboxes were collected today and we managed to beat our target of 20, and collected a total of ….

                                                        57 shoeboxes

for this years shoebox appeal. A special thank you to Miss Smith and Mrs Scott who helped us with wrapping up these shoeboxes – we hope you didn’t suffer from too many paper cuts! We appreciate everyone’s kindness and know that everyone who receives a shoebox this Christmas will be truly grateful.Thank you again for all the donations.


P4/5 Our Day of Halloween Fun

We started off the Halloween activities in Literacy.  In pairs, we completed Halloween comprehension activities and then in Maths we used our knowledge of place value and multiplication to complete the maths puzzles.

In the afternoon we all got dressed up and had fun taking part in Halloween activities and then a party.  We loved telling scary stories and jokes in the deep dark den.

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