P4/5 Art inspired by Gustav

This term we had planned to start our topic on Recycling however due to many other activities taking priority we decided as a class to do a shorter topic ‘Famous People’.   The children will learn about famous artists and create art inspired by these artists but they will also learn about famous people they have chosen.

We learned about Gustav and here are some of our artwork inspired by his art.

IMG_4731 IMG_4732 IMG_4733 IMG_4734 IMG_4735 IMG_4736 IMG_4737

P4/5 Anti – Bullying

This term the children have been doing a variety of activities learning about bullying.  We have discussed how we would feel if we were getting bullied.  We have also discussed and created role plays to show how we should deal with bullies and we have also created our own poems.


IMG_4724IMG_4723 IMG_4722 IMG_4721

P4/5 Poetry

This term the children in Primary 4/5 have been having fun listening to and creating their own poetry.  The children have learned how to write Haiku’s by following some rules.  They created one at the forest in pairs and again on their own about winter.

Here are a few examples:


IMG_4725IMG_4701IMG_4710 IMG_4709 IMG_4708 IMG_4707 IMG_4706 IMG_4705 IMG_4704 IMG_4703 IMG_4702


Primary 4/5’s Forest Visit

The children enjoyed their second forest visit this year.  They have been learning all about poetry and have been writing their own poems in class.  Today they were learning about Haiku Poems and created their own in class about winter.  Fabulous work!!  Today, the children had fun creating their own Haiku’s in the forest, about the forest.  The children also played games of their choice to keep warm and in groups they also completed some outdoor maths challenges.

IMG_4665 IMG_4666 IMG_4667 IMG_4671 IMG_4672   IMG_4675 IMG_4678 IMG_4680 IMG_4681 IMG_4682 IMG_4683 IMG_4687 IMG_4688


P4/5 Entertaining The Evergreens

Primary 4/5 invited The Evergreens for a personal showing of their Titanic assembly.  The children then joined The Evergreens in class with refreshments afterwards.  It was great to see the children mingle with the ladies and chat to them about what they were learning in school.

IMG_4644 IMG_4645 IMG_4652 IMG_4653 IMG_4656IMG_4663