P5, P6 and P7 Enterprise is the Business

Everyone had a fabulous day on Friday, setting up and running their own business. The children worked in mixed groups, created a name, logo and slogan for their business and decided on who would do what job. Each business had £25 to begin with, and were able to buy supplies from the store and recyclable items from the charity store. The theme was ‘The Royal Wedding’. The groups made items such as cards, table decorations, gift boxes and had to sell these to the buyer using persuasive pitches. They were given a cheque, which was then banked for cash. The winning business was The Crafty Carnwath Kids, who earned over £600! Well done to everyone! The products made were outstanding!

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Citizen of the week for 23rd – 27th April 2018

Citizens of the week for 23rd – 27th April are as follows –

Nursery – Emily Bowie for being a great help to her friends in Nursery

Primary 1/2 – Lucas Carswell for super addition work

Primary 2/3 – Martin Lamberton for great contribution in class

Primary 3/4 – Logan Little for working hard and having a positive attitude

Primary 4/5 – Rosa Muir for working hard with multiplication

Primary 6 – Alistair Bulloch for super team work during STEM week

Primary 7 – Aaron Howat for a fantastic bridge STEM model


P2/3 STEM Technology and Engineering

P2/3 have been looking at different materials and as part of our topic ‘Knights and Castles’ we made our own junk model boats. We had specific success criteria to stick to so had to plan and design our boats carefully. They had to float on water but also be strong enough to carry a £1 coin. We will test them out next week!

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P2/3 STEM Maths

P2/3 did a lot of real-life maths problems for STEM week. We worked out the winners of the commonwealth games using only the scorecards. We also did a lot of problem solving with Numicon and looked at how different numbers could fit together well.

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P4/5 Food From Around the World

Today the children learned how to create a menu and prepare food from around the world.  We made Greek Salad for starters, Italian Margarita Pizza for our main and French Crepes for dessert smothered in strawberries and strawberry sauce.  We learned about the importance of food hygiene and keeping safe when cooking.  We all had the opportunity to taste everything on the menu and some children have developed a taste for new foods for example: Kloe likes salad now; Kayla loved the tomatoes on the pizza; Kacey loved the salad and Colin wants to make Greek Salad at home.  So as they say ‘RESULT!’  We must thank Mrs Shearer who helped us with the cooking on the day, as we definitely couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you and well done to P4/5 children.

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