p4/5 Appreciating the Beauty of the Forest

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This week our trip to the forest was about appreciating the beauty of the outdoors. The children were taking photographs of nature. Some of the photographs here for you to appreciate also. We talked about some of the photos we took and why we thought they were beautiful.

We then found a quiet spot in the forest and each wrote a poem.  The challenge was to include personification as the children had been learning about this earlier in the day.  Again some of the poems are here for you too to appreciate.  Some children wrote Haiku’s, acrostic or rhymes.  All the children put in a lot of thought and effort into these and I was very proud of the results.

“I liked using the cameras as we don’t get a chance to do photography and it was different and I learned about all the different buttons on it.” Charley

“I liked doing the poems as we were allowed to do any poems we wanted.” Bethany

“I liked looking at all the plants and they were all beautiful in their own way.  They were all different colours and bright.” Kacey

“I liked taking the photos because there was lots of interesting things to see that I don’t normally notice.” Rosa

“I liked just focussing on the plants and flowers and see what they were really like close up as I wouldn’t usually do that.” Ellie May

“It was really nice to do stuff like photography and poetry in the forest.” Colin

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FREE Golf Lessons for P4-7 pupils

P4-7 pupils will have the opportunity attend 4 weeks of after school Golf sessions for FREE on Friday 1st, 8th,15th and 22nd June 2018, 4-5 pm at Leadhills Golf Club. Parents would be required to transport their child(ren) to these sessions. Please note that toilets and club house facilities will be available. Parents are welcome to stay and watch or participate.Please complete the form below and register your child’s attendance.

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Photography Exhibition

Well done to all the nursery children for working very hard to make the photography exhibition a success! The children had a great day showing off their hard work toparents and carers and all the primary classes. DSC08759 DSC08765 DSC08766 DSC08767 DSC08772 DSC08739 DSC08771 DSC08795