Citizen of the week for 27th – 31st August 2018

Citizens of the week for 27th – 31st August 2018 are as follows –

Nursery – Isaac MacLennan for being a good friend

Primary 1 – Aiden Armstrong for concentrating and listening well during teaching times

Primary 2/3 – Flynn Murphy for concentrating very hard on his work all week

Primary 3/4 – Tyler Morrison for super reading

Primary 4/5 – Aiden Hartland for being a successful learner and showing a great understanding of place value in maths

Primary 5/6 –  Kacey Crawford for working exceptionally hard

Primary 7 – Nicole McDougall for always being kind to others


P7 Science – Earth’s Materials and Structure

Primary 7 children were learning about the Earth’s structure and were able to explain the structure and create a model of this.  They learned about the properties of each of the five layers of the structure and as a result of this would like to investigate volcanoes and what causes a volcano to erupt.  We agreed we will do this through an experiment and research.

Today we also researched the natural materials we get from the Earth’s surface and their uses.  We will continue this next week also.

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P2/3 Science – Exploring and Investigating the Properties of Materials

Primary 2/3 children have been exploring and investigating the properties of different materials we find in our everyday lives e.g. plastic, chalk and stone.  We then were able to classify these into natural and man made materials.

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“I learned that some materials are natural e.g. wood, rock and stone.” Martin

” I learned that some materials are man made e.g. metal, plastic and glass.”  Callum

“Glass is made from sand.” Nikolay

“I learned that metal is man made.” Lucas

“Most plastic objects float.” Hollie

“If the objects have got air in them it floats easily.” Martin

“Things that are light will float e.g. plastic bottles and plates.” Thomas


P3/4 Exploring and Investigating Shapes

Primary 3/4 have been exploring and investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, the last couple of weeks, through games and activities.

We also went outside to do a Shape Hunt and took photographs of a variety of shapes we found.

“I liked playing the Feely Bag game because you got to guess the name of the shape without seeing it, just feeling it.” Catherine

“I liked hunting for shapes in the playground because it was really fun and tiring.” Aden

“I enjoyed when we had to guess what 2d and 3D shapes were on our head when we played the ‘What Ami I?’ game.” Ben

“I enjoyed when we were doing the shape hunt outside because we went around the school with our partner to find lots.” Abbie

“Me and Abbie found tonnes of shapes and I pointed at the and I had good ideas what shapes they were.” Caleb

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