Literacy Workshop P3/4

It was great to see some of our parents coming along to join us for our Active Literacy lesson. We were able to show them how we work with our partners for our Reciprocal teaching and Elkonin Boxes work as we practice our sound and common words. We also explained the different reading activities we do such as a Beginning, middle and end to our reading book for that week. We had great fun teaching you what we learn about!

“It was great for mum to come along” Lewis

“I tested dad on some tricky words” Grace

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‘Bag of Worries’ P3/4

Primary 3/4 have been reading the story ‘Bag of Worries’ by Virginia Ironside. We talked about the worries of the little girl and used this book as a circle time activity to explore our own worries. The children were able to identify who they would want to go to if they had any worries and understood that it was best to tell someone however big or small their worry may have been.

Once we spoke about our worries we went outside and blew our worries away. IMG_4154 IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4157  IMG_4159

P1 Working on our Strength

The children have been working on their strength this week.  We did this by have fun using magic carpets.  We were pushing and pulling on our carpet tiles and some of us could twirl our partners on our magic carpets.  The children have also been learning about forces in science e.g. pushing and pulling.

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Citizens of the week for 25th-28th September 2018

Citizens of the week for 25th – 28th September are as follows –

Nursery – Amanda-May Nelson for listening well and carrying out instructions

Primary 1 – Lewis Crawford for working hard and trying to be kind to other children

Primary 2/3 – Lillie Hamilton for super creative writing and kindness by creating her own story and allowing the class to read it at library time

Primary 3/4 – Grace Kane for excellent literacy and writing work

Primary 4/5 – Ryan Smith for showing a sensible attitude to all tasks and trying hard across the curriculum

Primary 5/6 – Ruaridh McNiven for really super work all week and working exceptionally hard

Primary 7 – Dion Gormley for showing a good attitude towards learning