Citizen of the week for 26th – 30th November 2018

Citizens of the week for 26th – 30th November are as follows –

Nursery – Eva Morrison for having a helpful attitude

Primary 1 – Abbie Robertson for being a great listener and helping other children in the class

Primary 2/3 – Rebekah Greenan for being kind and helpful

Primary 3/4 – Ben Forster and Lucas Menzies for working well with others

Primary 4/5 – Amy Hamilton for super reading comprehension

Primary 5/6 – Ethan Thomson for working really hard all week

Primary 7 – Alistair Bulloch for working hard all week


P7 Strictly Come Dancing in Carnwath – The Paso Doble

This term the children have been learning different types of dance.  The last few weeks we have been learning about traditional dances performed globally and today the children learned how to do the Paso Doble which originates in Spain. This is where the man takes on the role as the matador (bull fighter) and the woman is the cape or the bull or she may choose to be the matador too.  We discussed the facial expressions and the movements in the dance and then the children, in pairs, created their own Paso Doble and performed it to the rest of the class.

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P3/4 Active Literacy

Everyone in Primary 3 and 4 are progressing well with their sounds and common words. We have been practicing writing out words with our weekly sound in it and also using our partner to write our common words onto their back as well as some air bubble writing.

To make sure we fully understood our reading book everyone created 3 questions to test a partner on to ensure everyone fully understood. There were some great questions which showed that everyone has a good understanding about what happens in their reading book.

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