P2/3 Science – The Water Cycle

Over the last couple of weeks the children in primary 2/3 have been learning about water and the Water Cycle.

“I have learned that evaporation means when the water from sea or rivers rise up to the sky to make clouds which is condensation.” Nikolay

“The water rises because the sun heats up and it gets warmer and dries up the water in puddles which is evaporation and it floats up and turns into clouds, which is called condensation.” Martin

“We’ve been doing experiments doing water.  We done one with the kettle and saw steam rising up, which is a gas and it made the mirror wet which we call condensation.” Callum

“Ice is solid water and when it gets warm it turns into water which is a liquid.” Lillie H

“Precipitation is rain.” Caydence

“The warm dries the water in the clothes when they are hanging out which is evaporating.” Lily D

“A hairdryer dries the water our hair which is called evaporation.” Rebekah

“When the water is inside the car window we call it condensation.” Thomas

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P7 Dragon’s Den

P7 have been busy over the last week preparing for Dragon’s Den. Children had written CVs and they each applied for a post within the company. Children each received an interview and upon roles being designated, Richard from BHC and Mrs Easton came to do Dragon’s Den with the children. The children answered lots of tricky questions about their company and managed to secure themselves money from Richard to get their Enterprise started. Thanks to Mrs Easton and Richard for coming in.

“It was really fun because it gave you a taste of what it would be like in a business. Some of the questions were difficult and we were encouraged to think on the spot” Iona

“It was good for future life skills and if I ever run a business it’s good to see what negotiating is like and talking about products. It is a great start for the development of a business” Cian

“We were treated as adults which felt good. We had to decide if we wanted Richard’s deal or Mrs Easton’s deal” Eilidh

“It was really exciting to see what we would say with the money negotiating” Natalie

“I liked having the group discussion and deciding if we wanted to go for the deal or if we wanted to try and push it 2% down” Beth

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P2/3 French!

This term, we have been learning the months of the year in French. We used a song to help us remember the order and we explored the French months of the year, in comparison to the English ones. We noticed that lots of them were very similar.

We then had a small matching activity which we worked in pairs to complete.

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