Dynamic Earth Trip

Yesterday, Primary 5/6 went to Dynamic Earth to consolidate their learning on Natural Disasters.

We learned loads of interesting facts about Volcanoes and even found out about a Super Volcano! We got to time travel back in time to before the world was created and took a lovely (quite scary) flight to the rainforest too!

IMG_5750 IMG_5751 IMG_5753 IMG_5759 IMG_5757 IMG_5756 IMG_5761 IMG_5762 IMG_5765 IMG_5770 IMG_5768 IMG_5766 IMG_5772 IMG_5773 IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5776 IMG_5777 IMG_5779 IMG_5778 IMG_5782 IMG_5783 IMG_5784 IMG_5785 IMG_5786 IMG_5787 IMG_5789 IMG_5790 IMG_5791 IMG_5792 IMG_5796 IMG_5795 IMG_5794 IMG_5793