P4/5 Science – Seeing Sound Experiment

P4/5 created an experiment to see sound.  They learned that sound is vibrations and we call these vibrations ‘sound waves’.  Although we cannot see sound we thought we may be able to see the vibrations and so we set up an experiment.  We predicted that the sprinkles would vibrate e.g. jump up and down when we played loud noises with the instruments used.  We found that drums made the loudest noises and therefore it was easier to see sound when using the drums.

“I saw the sprinkles vibrating even when the instruments were a distance away.” Nikolay

“I found it satisfying when the instruments made the sprinkles jump about.” Jack

“When you hit the instrument hard the sprinkles jumped higher than when you hit it low.  Which means the louder the noise the bigger the sound waves.” Ben

“When we got the instruments I didn’t expect anything to happen but when I banged the drum the sprinkles jumped and I was surprised.” Abbie

“I found it interesting because the closer the drum was and the harder you hit it the more the sprinkles moved.” Lewis

“I found it interesting because when me and Maisie hit the instrument the sprinkles jumped up.” Damien


DSCI0164 DSCI0163 DSCI0162 DSCI0161 DSCI0160 DSCI0159 DSCI0158 DSCI0156 DSCI0154