Citizens of the week for 28th March to 1st April 2022

Citizens of the week for 28th March – 1st April are as follows –

Nursery – Lucas Robertson for working very hard and doing great baking, by listening and following instructions.  Well done!

Primary 1/2 – The whole class and `Mrs Cochrane for all their hard work and kindness all term.  Thank you so much from Mrs Walker

Primary 2/3 – Lily-Rose Innes for making huge improvements on her spelling and reading work

Primary 4 – Euan Black for always focusing well on his work and completing tasks to the best of his ability

Primary 5/6 – Oscar Morrison for his fabulous imaginative story using lots of exciting words and a range of punctuation

Primary 6/7 – Catriona Barnes for showing enthusiasm for learning in RME during ‘Bible Alive’ sessions