Application for Hub places

Schools and Nurseries

From Thursday 24th March South Lanarkshire Council are moving towards a hub model, where a smaller number of schools will be open to provide childcare for Early Years and school age children.

These hubs will be in 20 primary schools offering a geographical spread across the council area. Your two closest hubs are here in Carnwath Primary School and also in Biggar Primary School. On Thursday 24 March and Friday 25 March childcare will be available for the same groups of key workers who already have been able to access childcare today.

That is children of parents/carers who are:

  • staff working for the NHS
  • staff working in health and social care
  • staff working in the police
  • staff working for the fire and rescue service
  • staff working for the ambulance service
  • staff working for the prison service
  • energy workers
  • social workers

As before, places are only open to those families whose children are well and healthy and who cannot secure personal, alternative childcare arrangements.

This has been a fast-developing situation and these are transitional arrangements.  As the childcare hub model is further developed after this week we will extend childcare provision to other categories of key workers.

To ensure appropriate staffing levels, parents/carers will need to apply for a childcare place in one of the hubs.  Eligibility criteria are at the start of the form.

The form can be accessed directly from the SLC website or by following the link below: 

There is an initial deadline of 9am on Wednesday 25 March 2020 for anyone seeking childcare places at one of the hubs.  However, applications received after this time will be allocated based on availability.