P7 Transition to Biggar High School

To support the transition process, all of our P7 pupils going to Biggar High, have been invited to a P7 – S1 Transition 2020 Google Classroom.  Details of this, including an invitation to join the classroom, have been emailed to your child on their Glow email.  There is a task on the Google Classroom from Biggar High to complete by tomorrow.  Further tasks will be posted over the coming weeks.  If anyone has a problem accessing this, please email Miss Smith or myself on gw14carnwathpspt@glow.sch.uk


Gala Picture Competition

Gala Picture Competition

Every year the Gala Committee asks the pupils at Carnwath Primary to draw a picture of what Gala Day means to them and a selection of these are chosen to be published in the Gala brochure. Due to the current restrictions our brochure will not be published this year but we would still like to get the children involved and have decided to run a wee competition to look for the best Gala pictures.

We’re asking the children to draw a picture of what ‘Gala’ means to them, so it could be the crowning ceremony on Gala Day or the races & fun at the park or their favourite fancy dress costume or even just something they love about Gala Week!

We hope to split the entries into 2 or 3 different age group categories depending on the number of entries we receive. Pictures will be judged independently with a 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize being awarded in each category.

Please send your entries to Gail Ramsay via MESSENGER along with details your child’s Name & Age/Class by Friday 12th June.

Good luck, we can’t wait to see them!

Thank you,
Carnwath Gala Committee

Mrs Easton’s Magical Competition

I am running a competition for any child in our school to enter and there will be PRIZES!!  You can enter either or both competitions:

1. Tell a story in no more than 500 words.  Your story must involve magic! 
For example ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ story had a porridge pot which never emptied because of a magic spell that had been put on it; Harry Potter involved magic and magical creatures.

2. Design something with magic powers and write beside it what it does with it’s magic.
For example, in the books about Mrs Jolly she had a magic broomstick which allowed her to do her job as a cleaner very quickly and without too much effort.

If you are writing a story then either type it on the computer or scan in your writing and email it to your class teacher – all of them have emailed you through your Glow account so you have their email address.   If you are taking part in the design competition then you can either scan or attach a photo to your email.  If you are unable to email your teacher then you can post your entry to the school for my attention but please do not come and drop off entries at school, they must come by Royal Mail.  Please make sure you have added your name to your entry.

All entries must be submitted by Tuesday, 9th June 2020.  Good luck and have fun!

Mrs Easton

School Trips Update

I have been asked to pass on this letter by SLC.

Dear Parent/Carer
School Trips
I am writing to provide some information on the cancellation of school trips as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Before the recent lockdown measures were imposed South Lanarkshire schools were planning around 100 school trips scheduled to travel between March and June, with some also planned after August.
We are very aware that for some parents the amount of money paid towards their child’s trip was sizeable and, given the current climate, we as a Council have been looking at ways for this to be returned to families as soon as possible.
Mindful of the financial impact on families, the Council has been collating information on the status of each trip. We know the financial position ranges from some parents having paid a deposit to those who have made full payment. The arrangements around each school trip is different and we are currently in discussion with a number of tour operators, our risk management colleagues and the Council’s insurers to see what can be done to progress refunds. We have also sought legal advice as this is something we have not faced before on this scale.
The vast majority of the money collected from parents has already been given to the tour operator, and we must be sure of any contractual obligations before returning any monies to you. At this time, given the total number of trips and substantial amount of money involved, the Council is unfortunately unable to reimburse parents prior to the return of monies either direct from tour operators or settled via the Council’s insurers.
Realistically we are at the mercy of others as regards timescales beyond our control and we estimate it may be August before we are in a position to be able to make refunds, but if this can be done sooner I would seek to reassure you we will endeavour to do so.
However, on a more positive note we have begun to receive feedback on insurance claims made, with some requesting further information, and a number having been accepted. We will continue to follow-up on these claims and on individual discussions with tour operators with a view to getting refunds for parents as soon as possible, hopefully before the end of June.
I would conclude by thanking you for your patience and understanding in what has turned out to be a more complicated process with tour operators and insurers than first imagined. Further progress updates relating to your child’s trip will provided through the school.
Yours sincerely
Lynn Sherry
Head of Education (East Kilbride