Fifth Eco Flag Awarded

Congratulations to our school Eco Committee, led by Mrs Coubrough and Mrs Cochrane, who have worked extremely hard this year to gain a fifth Eco Flag for our school!  This is a huge achievement and we are very grateful to them for their hard work!

The following themes were our focus –

Litter – with a focus on face masks

Water – with a focus on pollution in oceans

Waste – with a focus on minimising waste.

All of the classes supported the Eco committee by taking part in various Eco activities throughout the year – including through lockdowns, where lots of children took part in Eco activities from their own home.  A huge thanks goes to all of the pupils and parents and carers who supported the Eco Committee to achieve this award.

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Eco – One Planet Picnic

One Planet Picnic - Greener KirkcaldyOn Wed 17th June Keep Scotland Beautiful will be celebrating the One Planet Picnic.  This is aimed at creating a fun picnic where food is sustainably and locally sourced to help our environment.  Why don’t you have a picnic at home?  Please remember to adhere to government guidelines with regards to sharing of food and meeting other households.  If you have any fun photographs of your picnic please send them in so we can see them.

For more information click the link below.

Nursery Garden – Wild Flowers

Hello boys and girls,

Look what has happened to our nursery garden while we have been off!  Some of the ladies have been busy in the school this week and we had to share our gorgeous wild flowers with you.  They are beautiful and we hope you have been able to spot some lovely flowers in your gardens or when you have been out walks.

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Eco Challenge 1 – Looking after our birds

Calling all Eco Warriors!  Who would like a new challenge?  This weeks challenge is to look after the birds.  You will have heard more and more birds around your homes as they are all busy nesting and feeding.  This week I spotted our swallows return all the way from Africa.  Have you seen any?  I have included a bird identifier for you to use.  You can look out your window, sit in your garden or take your own list when out your allocated walk.


You could also make a bird feeder from a recycled bottle if you wanted.  Follow the link below to the RSPB website where there are more fun activities like making a bird feeder kebab.

Sustainable Development Goals


The teachers and pupils of Carnwath Primary School and Nursery Class have been learning about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  Each class chose one to focus on and created excellent displays to share their work at the recent parents evening.  Well done to everyone for all your hard work as these issues are important steps in how we can help to transform our world and make it a better place for all.