Nursery Garden – Wild Flowers

Hello boys and girls,

Look what has happened to our nursery garden while we have been off!  Some of the ladies have been busy in the school this week and we had to share our gorgeous wild flowers with you.  They are beautiful and we hope you have been able to spot some lovely flowers in your gardens or when you have been out walks.

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How to order school and nursery uniform

When I consulted with parents about the Cost of the School Day it was clear that quite a few of you felt that you would like a cheaper uniform option.  Unfortunately due to the situation we currently find ourselves in I am unable to proceed with that at present.  I have consulted with the Parent Council and we have agreed that the school will continue to take orders for uniform, to be delivered in August, this year and we will have a new system in place for the August 2021 start.  We will only order what is required though and will not hold a stock of uniform so if you wish uniform for your child please use the order form on the website to place your order (forms should be emailed to Mrs Cochrane whose email address is on the order form) and then we would ask that you pay through ParentPay.  If you wish a bar coded letter then Mrs Cochrane will arrange for you to get one so that you can pay using PayPoint.
Orders should be placed by  Friday, 8th May 2020.
If you have applied for a nursery place or put a placing request in for Primary 1 please do not place an order until you have officially been notified that your child has a place.  We will give you another chance to order in August should you wish to do so.
Please do not feel that you need to order a uniform with logo.  If you would prefer to buy a plain gold polo shirt and black sweatshirt for school or a plain blue polo shirt and sweatshirt for nursery please feel free to do this.
If you have any problems with ordering please feel free to contact Mrs Cochrane by email.