P1 Hallowe’en Fun

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Primary 1 enjoyed a fun Hallowe’en afternoon today. They played the Hallowe’en Corners game, Musical Bumps and ‘Dress the Mummy’ in the gym hall with P2 and P3/4. They also enjoyed showing off their dance moves to some Hallowe’en songs!

Lucy’s Blue Day – Author Visit

This afternoon all of the children in the school and nursery enjoyed a visit from author Chris Duke. He wrote ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’, a story focusing on children’s mental health. He read his big book to the children, discussed different feelings and emotions and explained that sometimes it’s ok not to be ok. He also encouraged the children to talk to others about how they are feeling.


‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ by Chris Duke – Author Visit

This year, as part of our school improvement plan, we are continuing to focus on the health and wellbeing of all our pupils.

‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ is a story book which focuses on children’s mental health. It was written by a Scottish dad called Chris Duke. The story is about a little girl called Lucy with magical hair. It changes colour to reflect how she feels: yellow when she’s happy; purple when she’s excited and red when she’s angry. One day she wakes up and her hair has turned blue; a new colour she’s never felt before. The book helps children to understand that sometimes it’s ok not to be ok!

We are pleased to announce that Chris will be visiting our school on Wednesday 23rd October. He will be delivering assemblies to all of our primary and nursery children. If anyone would like to buy the book (or any other resources) our school has been offered a 20% discount. Please find the website details and discount code below. Chris will bring any pre-orders with him when he comes to our school on 23rd October.

Thanks for your continued support.




Help P1 twin a toilet!

All the classes have been finding out about the Global Goals that world leaders agreed on in 2015. P1 have been finding out about Global Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation. As part of this work, we discovered that some people in other countries do not have access to toilet facilities. We found out that children often become ill because of this. We have decided to try to raise money so that we can twin our toilets and help people have access to safe sanitation, clean water and hygiene education. On Parents Evening (Thursday 10th October) we would like to ask for your support by donating to this cause. We will have a collection tin by P1’s Global Goals display board. Many thanks for your support. This week, the children found out that some people in the world can’t just turn on a tap, they need to walk to collect the water they need. We filled empty containers with water and walked for a mile carrying these containers. We found out some children have to walk for many miles every day to complete this chore and often miss school because of this!

Walking with water

Walking with water

Walking with water

Walking with water

P1 Reciprocal Teaching in Literacy

The children in P1 have been working on the sounds a, t, s and i. This week they have been participating in reciprocal teaching activities with a partner using their magnetic letter boards. They have been practising using the 5 finger approach (say, make/break, blend, read and write) as they learn to read and write words using their developing phonics skills.

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