Dynamic Earth Trip

Yesterday, Primary 5/6 went to Dynamic Earth to consolidate their learning on Natural Disasters.

We learned loads of interesting facts about Volcanoes and even found out about a Super Volcano! We got to time travel back in time to before the world was created and took a lovely (quite scary) flight to the rainforest too!

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‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ by Chris Duke – Author Visit

This year, as part of our school improvement plan, we are continuing to focus on the health and wellbeing of all our pupils.

‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ is a story book which focuses on children’s mental health. It was written by a Scottish dad called Chris Duke. The story is about a little girl called Lucy with magical hair. It changes colour to reflect how she feels: yellow when she’s happy; purple when she’s excited and red when she’s angry. One day she wakes up and her hair has turned blue; a new colour she’s never felt before. The book helps children to understand that sometimes it’s ok not to be ok!

We are pleased to announce that Chris will be visiting our school on Wednesday 23rd October. He will be delivering assemblies to all of our primary and nursery children. If anyone would like to buy the book (or any other resources) our school has been offered a 20% discount. Please find the website details and discount code below. Chris will bring any pre-orders with him when he comes to our school on 23rd October.

Thanks for your continued support.




Primary 6 Biggar Science Festival

On Friday, Primary 6 went to Biggar Science Festival. We had great fun exploring different science based activities and got to hold some cool creatures! Some children even overcame their fears of snakes and creepy crawlies!

The science show we went to see at the Corn Exchange was amazing! We couldn’t believe some of things that can be done through science, it looked like magic!

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