Google Classroom – P5 and P6


We have set up a Google Classroom for Primary 5 and 6 children and added the tile to their glow launch pad for them.  This will enable us to move some of the children’s learning online.

In order to support the children to access Google Classroom Mrs Alexander has made 2 videos which will show them very clearly what to do.  Firstly they must log in to glow using their username and password, as if they were going to access their emails.  At this stage please watch the videos and follow their advice:

The first video shows how to get onto Google Classroom.

The second video shows how to submit a task in Google Classroom.

Miss Smith, Miss Reid and Miss Stewart will set one task this week and one next week to give the children a chance to get used to using the classroom.

If you have any problems with this please email your child’s class teacher or and we will try to help you sort it out.  We will also keep an eye on who has joined the classroom and is able to turn in the work.

P6/7 Health and Wellbeing

We have been working really hard recently on our HWB topic. We have been working in small groups to create a new healthy cereal. Lots of work has gone into this process, starting with creating a company name and logo. We used Serif DrawPlus on the computer to bring our logos to life, so we could use them on all our products. We then came up with three possible cereals and carried out market research to see which was the most popular. Since then we have worked on branding the product and advertising it through packaging, posters, persuasive writing and adverts!

IMG_0445IMG_0449 IMG_0446IMG_0451 IMG_0454

IMG_0459IMG_0458IMG_0457 IMG_0456IMG_0455

P6/7 Countdown

As part of our daily maths warm-up tasks we have been enjoying playing Countdown! The children work either individually or in pairs to complete the task. They are given 6 numbers and a target and can use any of the 4 operations to reach their target number. This is a great way to challenge ourselves and explore different solutions to the same problem.

IMG_0436 IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0440