P6/7 Nil By Mouth Visit

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from Jamie from Nil by Mouth. He came in to speak to us about discrimination and sectarianism related to our class novel Divided City. We heard stories about different acts of sectarian violence and discussed stereotyping. We then spoke about social media and analysed some offence tweets and comments from the internet and heard about the consequences of writing such comments. The children were taught the importance of being aware that what they post online is visible for everyone to see. Thank you to Jamie for visiting us today, we all learned a lot!

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P6/7 Problem Solving

Yesterday the children worked in pairs to complete a problem solving task in maths. They had number cards with 1-15 on them and had to arrange 7 cards in order to match the clues. There was a lot of trial and error involved in this task and the boys and girls were very resilient when they realised they had to start again or change some answers. Everyone managed to complete at least one solution and some groups even managed to get 3 different solutions! As a challenge some groups created their own problem for other pairs to solve.



‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ by Chris Duke – Author Visit

This year, as part of our school improvement plan, we are continuing to focus on the health and wellbeing of all our pupils.

‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ is a story book which focuses on children’s mental health. It was written by a Scottish dad called Chris Duke. The story is about a little girl called Lucy with magical hair. It changes colour to reflect how she feels: yellow when she’s happy; purple when she’s excited and red when she’s angry. One day she wakes up and her hair has turned blue; a new colour she’s never felt before. The book helps children to understand that sometimes it’s ok not to be ok!

We are pleased to announce that Chris will be visiting our school on Wednesday 23rd October. He will be delivering assemblies to all of our primary and nursery children. If anyone would like to buy the book (or any other resources) our school has been offered a 20% discount. Please find the website details and discount code below. Chris will bring any pre-orders with him when he comes to our school on 23rd October.

Thanks for your continued support.




p6/7 Global Goals

Over the past couple of weeks every class in the school has been focussing on one of the 17 Global Goals. P6/7 decided to focus on Goal 14 ‘Life Under Water’. We have been learning about issues affecting our oceans such as overfishing and plastic pollution. Last week the children worked in pairs and groups to create posters about plastic pollution in ICT. Yesterday the class were split into groups for drama and planned and performed a ‘Newsround’ report, informing the rest of the class about the dangers to life under water. We also discussed how art can be used to communicate important messages and looked at some artwork which focusses on plastic pollution. We have started creating our own meaningful artwork to spread the message about keeping our oceans clean.

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P6/7 Junk Modelling

This afternoon p6/7 had a busy time creating junk models of the Finnieston Crane as part of our Glasgow topic. Everyone worked really well in their groups, communicating effectively and cooperating with each other. Thank you to everyone who brought in recyclable materials to help us with this. Have a look at our very creative models!

IMG_0165 IMG_0159 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171

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