Nursery – Red Group

The children have been having a very busy festive time in nursery! We have been making lots of Christmas pictures and decorations.  Our Christmas party was great fun, we played lots of games, listened to Christmas stories and enjoyed some tasty treats!

Well done to Imogen, Nicol, Noah S, Junior, Noah K-W, Stephannie, Lewis, Layton, Blair and Sophie for being Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and very best wishes for the New Year!

Mrs Shaw

Red Group

This week the children were absolutely delighted to see and speak to Santa when he came to visit the nursery children, socially distanced, outdoors.  A fantastic experience which everyone, including staff, thoroughly enjoyed!

The Red Group

This week the children have been very creative using a selection of resources and materials to create their own pictures.  Lots of great turn taking and sharing.  We have also been learning about rhyming words, we enjoyed playing a rhyming game and we have been making rhyming words of our own.  Well done, Red Group, lots of terrific learning going on.  I look forward to having a chat with parents over the next couple of weeks.

The Red Group

This week the Red Group have been taking part in a range of experiences.  We have been

  • ‘Building Buddies’, lots of fabulous models!
  • learning about People Who Help Us
  • Lots of role play, firefighter, dentist, doctor
  • Using scissors to develop our fine motor skills and our hand/eye co-ordination

Great team work Red Group!