Netball Club

Netball club has started after school on Tuesdays, 3-4pm, in the gym hall. There are 13 children coming along at the moment and they have been working hard on passing, footwork and shooting. The children are enjoying the warm-up games, drills to practise netball skills and games in teams.

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P1-3 Multi-Sports After School Club

We had a super afternoon today problem solving in teams. We raced from 1 cone to the other cone of the same colour with mats, but we weren’t allowed to touch the floor!

We all worked together and completed the task well – then Miss Reid made it harder by taking 1 mat away!! Our club runs every Thursday from 3pm-4pm for all children P101_1988 1-3101_1995 101_2059 101_2060 101_2061 101_2062 101_2063 101_2064 101_2065





Lego Lunchtime Club

Our Lego Club takes place every Monday at lunchtime and we work in trios to create Lego models.  We each rotate around three different roles – the Engineer – who is the only one who knows what the model will be, has the instructions and describes which bricks the Supplier requires. The Supplier listens to the Engineer’s description and passes the bricks to the Builder. The Builder has to listen carefully while the Engineer then describes to the Builder exactly where to place the bricks. It takes real teamwork!  We have a variety of easy, medium and difficult packs and the groups each decide of the level of difficulty they wish to complete. The children stay in their role until the model is finished. So far, the children are having great fun and are showing excellent communication and teamwork skills!

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Breakfast Club

Our first day of Breakfast Club was a great success! The children enjoyed having their breakfast at school and are looking forward to returning on Wednesday and Thursday mornings as well.

A letter was sent out informing parents about Breakfast Club, please click on the link below to find out more about when it will run, prices and food available.

Breakfast Club Letter

Many thanks to the parent volunteers for running this club, it would not be possible without them.

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Mrs Alexander will try to remember to take photographs of the children while they are eating and not afterwards next time! They all enjoyed their toast and cereal as you can see from the empty plates!