Dance Club

Dance Club September – November 2016

Our dance club was a great success.  Children from p3 – p5 joined myself Mrs Goodwin and Miss Stewart every Tuesday lunchtime to choreograph a street dance.  The children chose Cheap Thrills by Sia.  Each week they added a little more to the dance.  We invited a dance coach from Cherry Dance Studios for a day to support us which was a massive help.  The children then performed their dance in the Memorial Hall in Lanark in front of a massive audience.  This was a fantastic experience and all the children really enjoyed it.

“I thought it was pretty fun.  We got to go to the dance club every week to practise the dance.  Then we got to go and show people it at the Memorial Hall.  I would definitely do it all again next year.” Eve Ramsay, p4.

This was the first year Carnwath Primary School have participated in this event and due to popular demand we plan to do it next year again.

Thank you to all the children for making this so enjoyable and such a success and thank you to all the parents / carers for supporting your child and bringing them along to this event.  We all appreciate it!