Glow Email and Easimaths User Guide

Please click on  THIS LINK which will provide a step by step guide to allow your child to access their emails and also to access Easimaths.

Your child only requires 1 glow login to access both of these apps. If they have any problem logging in, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Mrs Alexander) on the following email address and I’ll send you their login details and give assistance to you.  –

Glow Email – Every child has already or will soon receive and email from their teacher. Here they can read that email and respond to it, if they wish.

Easimaths – This is a maths programme which teaches concepts of maths and numeracy and asks the children to complete some questions about this teaching. Your child should be able to do this independently as every child uses this on a weekly basis as part of their maths while in school. The teachers have the ability to tailor this to your child’s individual level and they can look in and see how children are getting on with this at home.

*Please note – you may need to download Adobe Flash player to run Easimaths on your computer. – There is a link embedded within Easimaths to prompt you to do this if required.

*UPDATE – A small number of users seem to be having a problem accessing Easimaths using the Google Chrome web browser.  Please use either Internet Explorer (for Windows Computers) or Safari (for Apple Macs).

Google Chrome browser - avoid!

Google Chrome browser – avoid!

Internet Explorer Broswer - use on Windows PC

Internet Explorer Browser – use on Windows PC

Safari Browser - use on Mac devices

Safari Browser – use on Mac devices

Here is another link to our Glow and Easimaths User Guide for Parents and Pupils

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