Good to be Green!

We use a ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour system in school. Staff work hard to encourage children to behave well and make the right choices. I have included the steps in the system as a reminder of what happens if your child chooses not to do as they are asked. Your child will start each day on green.

Green: verbal reminder

Yellow: warning

If your child can show that the yellow warning has encouraged them to improve their behaviour and has made an impact they will be able to move back to green at this point.

Red: at this point your child will lose 6 minutes of their Golden Time

Blue: your child will miss their next playtime

Pink: your child will be sent to the Head Teacher or Principal Teacher

At the end of each term there will be a certificate for each child who has remained on green during that term. Each child will be allowed to use one ‘chance’ card between August and December and again between January and June to invalidate a yellow, red or blue card. The ‘chance’ card cannot be used to invalidate a pink card. Children who have been ‘green’ all year will be awarded a special certificate in June.

‘Good to be Green’ information will be added to your child’s home-school planner on a daily basis. Children will receive a green dot at the end of each day if they remain on green. If they are not on green then you will be told what colour they reached and why.


good to be green