Home Learning and Video Message for Children

Now that the holiday period has ended for the children I wanted to share some information with you.

Teachers have, or will soon have, uploaded a new learning pack for the children in their class onto our website.  This can be found under the Home Learning tab and then by looking under the relevant class.  We have tried to give some ideas that will help your child to learn but we are also mindful that parents themselves may be working from home and unable to support full-time learning.  Mrs Coubrough will continue to provide a weekly selection of learning opportunities that you may find useful to use with your child whatever their age.

Staff will email their classes or groups they are involved with, eg Nurture groups, in order to say ‘hello’ to the children.  They will use their Glow account and would be happy to hear back from the children about how they’re getting on.  If you have a younger child we would be happy for you to help them with this.  Please do say to your child that they may not get an instant response – some staff are on holiday this week and next because they were working in the hub during the official holiday.
I am trying to phone some families each week just to make contact.  If you have any problems or you feel your child needs support please don’t hesitate to make contact by emailing:
I am Hub Manager during the week beginning 27th April should you need to contact me by phone.

All staff are thinking of the children and their families.  We have put together a wee message for the children which you can access by following the link below:

I would like to thank all staff for their help but particularly Miss Reid who did all the technical wizardry putting the sequence together and also uploading it.

We wish you all good health at this time.

Mrs Easton