Home Learning P6/7

May Update!

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all your hard work at home so far, here are some more ideas and activities for the next few weeks. It has been so lovely to hear from most of you through email, I’ve loved hearing how you are all getting on! If you haven’t been onto GLOW email yet, try and log on and reply to my email so I know you can access it. I’m missing you all lots and still thinking about all your families at home. I know it’s a tricky time but you are all doing so well.

A big thank you to all the parents who are helping the children at home with their work, I really appreciate everything you are doing! Please don’t stress about completing every task, just do what you can. Most of the activities the children should be able to complete independently as I know a lot of parents are working from home.

Stay safe everyone, keep smiling!

Miss Smith x




  • Click on the link below to access the book ‘How to Not go to School’ by Mike Forde, this is a book made specifically for children during lockdown! It is free to download. Read independently or with an adult or sibling. https://parsleymimblewood.wordpress.com/how-to-not-go-to-school-parsley-mimblewood-saves-the-world/
  • Continue reading your personal reader or books from home. If you are running out of books to read, Mrs Alexander put a post on the home page of the website with suggestions of websites with books available online.
  • Keep practising your active literacy strategies. Visualising characters and picking out main themes are great tasks to help you work on finding appropriate quotes.
  • Write down any new words you have found in your book and use metalinguistic strategies and a dictionary to work out and record the meaning.
  • Create a ‘Text Detectives’ table in your jotter, look through your book and create a list of adjectives, nouns and verbs. As a challenge look for similes and alliteration.
  • If you could be any character from the book you are reading, who would you be and why? Write your ideas in your jotter.
  • Do you think the title of the book is good now that you’ve read it? Think of 3 different titles for your book.


  • The End of Lockdown – write a personal piece of work thinking about the future and what will happen at the end of lockdown. Think about what are you most excited about doing? Who do you want to visit first and why? What will you miss about lockdown (for example spending time with your family etc)?
  • Design a poster for your favourite book, persuading people to read it! Remember to include some of the persuasive techniques we have learned in class, for example: the power of three, alliteration, rhetorical questions, exciting adjectives etc.
  • Synonyms – Remember… A synonym is a word or phrase that has a similar meaning to another word or phrase. Use your knowledge of good vocabulary and describing words to think of synonyms for these words…
  1. Tired
  2. Tall
  3. Pretty
  4. Energetic
  5. Angry
  6. Fun
  7. Old
  8. Said
  9. Cry
  10. Dirty
  11. Happy
  12. Small
  13. Sad
  • Write a review of your favourite TV Show or Film.

– Give it a rating (out of 5 stars), decide which genre it is (e.g. comedy, action, sci-fi etc), give a brief summary of what happens (but leave some suspense so others can still watch it), include your personal opinion (what was your favourite part and why, who was your favourite character? etc).


  • Continue working on the spelling words you were given in your first pack until you are confident with them.
  • Identify some challenging spelling words from your reading book, a newspaper/magazine or online article that you think would be useful, use some of the active spelling strategies to help you learn them.
  • Have a family member test you on the words you’ve been practising. You could be tested on spelling the word alone or practise it in a sentence like we do in dictation in class


  • Pizza Hut Challenge – Click on the links below to access the menu for Pizza Hut, you should be able to zoom in to see the smaller writing. Click on the ‘questions’ link below for ‘mild, hot and extra hot’ challenge questions to answer using the menu! There is a link below to the answers too, so you can check once you are finishes.

Pizza Hut Menu

Questions Pizza Hut Challenge

Answers Pizza Hut Challenge

  • Keep working on Easimaths, remember to let me know if it is too easy or too hard. I can see some of you have been working hard on Easimaths, well done!
  • Continue to practise your recall of multiplication and division facts. Knowing these off by heart will help you greatly when we are back at school. You can practise them verbally, writing them out or playing online games like ‘Hit the Button’.
  • Make a symmetrical picture out of items in your house or draw one on paper
  • Try this Sudoku, click on the link below!


  • ‘Odd Socks’ Problem Solving – Take 3 different pairs of socks (6 socks in total). How many new pairs of socks can you make from the 6 socks you have? Combine the pairs in as many different ways as possible and keep count.
  • ‘How many handles?’ – Count all the door handles in your house. What fraction of the handles have locks? As a challenge for the Squares and Hexagon maths groups – can your fraction be simplified?
  • ‘How long?’ – Estimate the length of a room in your house. Now measure it. What is the difference between your estimate and the real measurement?
  • ‘Count and Multiply’ – Count each of the following in your house and keep note of your totals– chairs, doors, cupboards, pillows, spoons, clocks and shoes. Now multiply the following pairs together. You can do these sums mentally or in a written working. Before you start, predict which calculation you think will have the largest total.
  1. a) Chairs x Doors
  2. b) Cupboards x Windows
  3. c) Pillows x Spoons
  4. d) Clocks x Shoes

Health and Wellbeing – Sex Education

Parent/Carer support essential for this.

We would usually complete our ‘Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood’ topic in health and wellbeing this term. All of the resources are available online at  https://rshp.scot/  for each year group. I have linked below the information for primary 6 and primary 7. Please note the learning for each year group is different. There are a series of powerpoints and lessons to support your child’s learning.

Primary 6 (section titled ‘Second Level – Progression 1’ on the website)


Main Topics-

  1. Emotional Wellbeing and Body Image (My Feelings, My Body, When I Feel Sad or Worried)
  2. Love and Relationships (What is Love, Being Attracted to Someone)
  3. Sex – How People Have Sex/What do they do?
  4. How human life begins – Pregnancy-Birth
  5. Being a parent/carer

Primary 7 (section titled ‘Second Level – Progression 2’ on the website)


Main Topics-

  1. Understanding Human Sexuality
  2. Menstruation
  3. How adults plan and prevent a pregnancy: contraception and condoms

Other Curricular Areas

  • Use the ‘On This Day’ website – https://www.onthisday.com/ to research historical events that have happened in the past. You could list them in your jotter or create a poster showing important events from a particular date.
  • Create a rainbow picture or a poster to encourage others to stay safe or to thank the NHS and display it in your window. If you have already done this, you could do another for a neighbour! Or try and make a rainbow with items from around your house.
  • Make a list of songs that make you happy, you could listen to them on YouTube or have a go at singing them! One of my favourite cheery songs is ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and I loved when you all sang it at our class assembly!
  • Have a go at this Disney Movies Wordsearch! Click on the link below, you can either edit it on your device to score through the words or print it and complete it on paper.

Disney Animated Movies Wordsearch

  • ‘Does it Float?’ – gather some household items (e.g. an onion, paper clip, pen, a banana, paper etc) and carry out your own science experiment by predicting and then testing whether each item floats in water.
  • Help with cooking or try baking something. Here is a link to my favourite Jamie Oliver Banana Bread recipe if you are looking for inspiration! https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fruit-recipes/banana-bread/
  • Create an ‘Emotional Corona-coaster’. Draw a rollercoaster, example below and add some of the emotions you have been feeling during lockdown.  Emotion Works Rollercoaster
  • Try some origami. Click on this link to take you to a website full of examples and ideas. https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/easy-origami-for-kids/
  • Learn the flags of countries around the world. Try this game to test your skills https://www.learninggamesforkids.com/geography-games/random_games/flags.html
  • Art – collect some leaves from outside and try to recreate some of these pictures (click on the link below)!

Leaf Pictures


April Update!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and staying safe. I’m really missing you all! I hope you are enjoying time with your family and are keeping your brain active with the home learning pack you have! I have emailed you all on your Glow accounts so that you have my email address if you have any questions about your learning or if you want to message me for a chat. You can log in to your Glow account and email from there, I’ll be happy to hear from you and hear how you are getting on! Feel free to send any pictures or videos of work or activities you’ve been doing!

The pack that was sent out previously has lots of work in it so please continue to complete those tasks but here are some more activities to keep you going over the next few weeks.

Remember to try and complete tasks independently if you can, parents/carers might be having to work from home too! Please don’t stress if you aren’t managing to complete all the tasks, I don’t expect you to be sitting working all day, just try your best to keep learning where possible. Make the most of time at home with your family and get outside in the garden if the weather’s nice.

Stay safe, keep smiling! 



  • Keep reading as much as you can! Whether it’s your personal reader, a book from home, newspapers, magazines etc…read, read, read!
  • If you have finished one whole book, write a book review. You can write your own or find a worksheet of a book review on google.
  • Bring a character home: What would happen if you brought one of the characters from your book home with you? Write a short paragraph in your jotter.
  • Remember, you know how to visualise, summarise, infer, talk about main themes and use metalinguistics. Complete some of our reading strategies for your personal reader.
  • Have a go at ‘Reading Bingo!’ Click on the link below to see the sheet there is a list of websites that offer free books on this sheet too.

Reading Bingo – Second Level


  • Continue to practise your common words from your pack using the strategies and active tasks.
  • Challenge a friend or family member to a spelling test.
  • Try ‘Spelling Bingo!’ Click on the link below to see the sheet for more ideas.

Spelling Bingo – Second Level


  • Keep writing your diary entry each day about what is happening in the world (task in previous home learning pack).
  • Write a story of your choice.
  • Write a letter to a family member you haven’t seen in a while and/or a friend you might be missing.
  • Cook something new and write out the recipe for it.


  • Keep using Easimaths. I have been on and adjusted some people’s levels to make it more challenging. Please let me know if it is too easy or too hard and I’ll have another look! Well done to those who have been using it, I can see how long you’ve been on for and you’re doing well!
  • Cook/bake something new and measure out all the ingredients you need.
  • Have a shape hunt at home. Which 2D and 3D shapes can you find?
  • Create your own maths board game. Play it with your family!
  • Use the internet to plan a holiday of your choice! Decide who you are going with and where to. Remember to research accommodation and transport. How much is the holiday going to cost?
  • Try out these word problems…Click on the link below to see the sheet. Choose from either the mild or hot problems or complete both!

Maths Word Problems

Other Curricular Areas

  • Complete the Joe Wicks P.E. workouts daily (available live on YouTube at 9am or you can stream it later in the day). Let me know how you find the exercises, I’ve been doing it and it’s tough!
  • Use this Emotion Works sheet (click on the link below to access, don’t worry if you can’t print it, just write the answers in your jotter) to think about your favourite T.V. show.

Emotion Works TV Worksheet

  • Create an obstacle course in the garden – or in the house (but ask a parent first).
  • Plan to travel to a city or country that you want to visit. Draw its flag, make some food from that place, watch a video about it, make a boarding pass, draw some pictures of famous landmarks etc. You can do this with more than one country!
  • Use BBC Bitesize to practise your French and German numbers, colours etc or to learn something new! Duolingo is a great free website and app for this too!
  • Science and P.E. activities from Mrs Goodwin – Click the link below to access the grid

Second level PE & Science

Websites to Support Learning



Other websites

* Remember, Mrs Coubrough is also uploading online ideas and websites each week that you can take part in!*

Have fun with more Science and PE activities from Mrs Goodwin:

PE and Science first and Second