Lunch Menu

The Primary School menu (including nutritional information) consists of two hot main meal choices, one of which is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and a snack meal which includes pasta pots, baguettes and sandwiches over the week. These come with a side of batons or side salad. All meals come with a seasonal fresh fruit selection, side salad and depending on the day, either soup, or dessert.

Click here for the 2021/22 Menu which begins on Monday 23rd August and runs all year until the end of June 2022.

For menu items served over lunchtime we also provide allergens and nutritional content which is as accurate as possible but should be considered advisory.

Primary school meal costs:

  • Primary 1-4 are free
  • Primary 5-7 is £1.95

If your child is in primary 5-7 they may be entitled to a Free school meal.

Free school meals

If you claim certain benefits and your child attends a South Lanarkshire school, they may be able to get free school meals. This includes the provision of a free milk for primary pupils.

More information is available on our School clothing grants and free school meals page.

Did you know if you encourage your child/young person to stay in school and use their free meal entitlement you could save £370.50 per academic year per person and £741 for two? Please encourage them to use their allowance and it means you can use your money for something else.

In all schools we operate a school meal system which protects the anonymity of pupils entitled to a free school meal.

Free school meals are to be extended to Primary 4 to 7 pupils. This will be phased in over the coming year, with expansion for those in P4 starting after this year’s summer break, followed by P5 in January 2022 and P6/P7 in August 2022



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