School Staff

Carnwath Primary School Staff 2019-20

Head Teacher – Mrs P. Easton

Principal Teacher – Mrs S. Alexander

Teaching Staff

Primary 1- Mrs A. Smart (Monday, Tuesday, alternate Wednesdays)

Mrs L. McLeod-Kerr (alternate Wednesdays, Thursday, Friday)

Primary 2 – Mrs L.McRae

Primary 3/4 – Miss F McLuggage (Tuesday – Friday)

Mrs K. Bailie – (Monday and Tuesday)

Primary 4/5 – Miss L. Stewart

Primary 5/6- Miss M. Reid

Primary 6/7 – Miss M. Smith

Support Staff Team

Mrs H. Cochrane

Mrs E. Scott

Mrs K. Shearer

Mrs T. Porteous

Class Contact Cover – Mrs S. Goodwin

Facilities Assistants

Facility Assistant (Janitorial) – Mrs F. Clyde

Cook In Charge – Miss L. Carmichael

Facility Assistant (Catering and Cleaning) – Mrs S. White

Facility Assistant (Catering and Cleaning) – Miss K. Brownlie

Facility Assistant (Catering and Cleaning) – Mrs T. Jefferson

Carnwath Nursery Class Staff

Team Leader – Miss L. Stewart

Nursery Teachers – Mrs A. Coubrough (Monday and Tuesdays)

Mrs K. Bailie (Wednesday-Friday)

Early Years Practitioners – Mrs L. Shaw, Mrs K. Stuart, Mrs L. Cairns