Our Learning

Term 1 Aug-Oct 2019-20

Welcome to nursery to all our new children and I hope you are ready for a busy year of learning and of course fun.  This term our focus is settling in the new children and also our children who are returning.  The daily routines are important where we encourage the children to be as independent as possible with things like snack, lunch and accessing the resources we have in the nursery.

This is a good term to get to know the children.  We will be focussing on 2 children per group, per week, where the key worker will spend lots of time talking to these children and learning all about their likes and dislikes.  This is also a good chance to build up good relationships.

Stories are one of our favourite things in the nursery and this term we will be learning all about Traditional Tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We have lots of copies of these in the nursery if anyone would like to borrow them and take home.  We have already been enjoying mixing up oats and pretending to be the three bears.

We also enjoy learning lots of songs especially counting songs where we can practice our numeracy skills.  Some of our favourites so far have been 5 Little Speckled Frogs and 5 Sizzling Sausages.  I wonder if you know any favourites from home?  Maybe you can share them with us.

This term as always we love to explore the outdoors.  We are very lucky to have free-flow access to our outdoor area all day and also the school grounds.  There we can build dens with our new kit and explore all our exciting loose parts equipment.

It is sure to be a busy and fun term.


Term 2 Oct-Jan 2019-20 

We are having a very busy Term 2!

Our main interests this term have been Autumn, Small World Play and Frozen.

We have celebrated Halloween, learned about how to keep safe during Fireworks Night and now we are in December, our thoughts are turning to Christmas. We are currently enjoying doing lots of crafts, reading lots of stories and singing lots of songs. We have created a cosy Christmas ‘Home Corner’ which is allowing for lots of good role play opportunities. We will end this term with a special Christmas Party and a visit from Santa Claus!

We have also had lots of opportunities to play outdoors as well as in all the other areas within the Nursery.

Term 3 – Jan-March 2019-20

This term starts with a busy month of Scottish themed activities.  We will be practising a song, poem and story for the Scottish Assembly and will look forward to performing up on the stage in front of all our peers. We will be doing lots of fun Scottish arts and crafts such as building castles and making our own tartan. We are also planning to have our friends from P1 in for a Scottish themed active play afternoon.

This term we will also be focussing on the children leading us in their learning. We will also have lots of fun exploring Winter and the different weather it brings.  Hopefully we get just a little snow for us to take advantage of lots of learning experiences!

Throughout all our daily tasks we will be reading lots of fun stories, encouraging making marks with pens and pencils and focusing on developing the children’s awareness of number whether it is counting or recognising numbers.

Term 4 April – June 2019-20