Our Learning

Term 1 Aug-Oct 2019-20

Welcome to nursery to all our new children and I hope you are ready for a busy year of learning and of course fun.  This term our focus is settling in the new children and also our children who are returning.  The daily routines are important where we encourage the children to be as independent as possible with things like snack, lunch and accessing the resources we have in the nursery.

This is a good term to get to know the children.  We will be focussing on 2 children per group, per week, where the key worker will spend lots of time talking to these children and learning all about their likes and dislikes.  This is also a good chance to build up good relationships.

Stories are one of our favourite things in the nursery and this term we will be learning all about Traditional Tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We have lots of copies of these in the nursery if anyone would like to borrow them and take home.  We have already been enjoying mixing up oats and pretending to be the three bears.

We also enjoy learning lots of songs especially counting songs where we can practice our numeracy skills.  Some of our favourites so far have been 5 Little Speckled Frogs and 5 Sizzling Sausages.  I wonder if you know any favourites from home?  Maybe you can share them with us.

This term as always we love to explore the outdoors.  We are very lucky to have free-flow access to our outdoor area all day and also the school grounds.  There we can build dens with our new kit and explore all our exciting loose parts equipment.

It is sure to be a busy and fun term.


Term 1 Aug-Oct 2018-19

This term is always busy as we all settle in to nursery life.  Our biggest change is getting used to a full and fun day at nursery.  We will be learning all about sitting nicely, having manners and enjoying having a lovely lunch in the school canteen.

Our topic this term is all about ‘Nursery Rhymes’.  We will be learning Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy Spider, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Hey Diddle Diddle and The Grand Old Duke of York.  If anyone would like a copy of these feel free to take a leaflet from the cloakroom.  We will be learning different ways to remember these by drawing story maps, acting them out and playing with puppets.  Nursery Rhymes are also good for doing lots of great art activities like sticking Humpty together again or building him a wall.

We will also be doing lots of fun number and shape activities as we get familiar with numeracy and maths.  Counting songs, playing with numbers, printing with the Numicon and making shape collage pictures are all things we have planned to do.

There are lots of different routines we will be following such as washing our hands properly and brushing our teeth after lunch.  We will be learning about the importance of keeping healthy and doing lots of fun games in the gym hall as well as some lovely relaxation after we have had lunch.  Finger gym is always an important part of our day where we will have different tasks like picking pom poms up with tweezers to help build the muscles up in our fingers.

We are also looking forward to getting outside and in to the school playground to explore our surroundings by going on bug hunts, acting out our nursery rhymes and playing the large musical instruments.  Its going to be a busy time.


Term 2 Oct-Jan 2018-19 

We are settling really well into our full days at Nursery and enjoying our lunches in the canteen.

Our main topic this term is Autumn. We will be learning about a variety of different things including harvest, wildlife, hibernation, migration, weather and seasons. We will also be going on a special Autumn Walk and taking part in a sponsored Welly Walk.

We will celebrate Halloween, learn about how to keep safe during Fireworks Night and participate in Scottish Book Week activities too.

As December approaches, our thoughts will turn to Christmas and we will enjoy exploring our Christmas ‘mini-topic’ with lots of crafts, stories and songs. We will end this term with a special Christmas Party.

We will also have lots of opportunities to play outdoors as well as in the numeracy, literacy, science and art areas within the Nursery.

Term 3 – Jan-March 2018-19

This term starts with a busy month of Scottish themed activities.  We will be practising a song and poem for the Scottish Assembly and will be looking forward to performing up on the stage to our peers.  We will be doing lots of fun Scottish arts and crafts such as building castles and making our own tartan.

This term we will also be focussing on the children leading us in their learning.  So far they have shown an interest in having a doctors role play area and learning about our bodies and the different parts.  We will also have lots of fun exploring Winter and the different weather it brings.  Hopefully we get just a little snow for us to take advantage of lots of learning experiences.

Throughout all our daily tasks we will be reading lots of fun stories, encouraging making marks with pens and pencils and focusing on developing the children’s awareness of number whether it is counting or recognising numbers.

Term 4 April – June 2018-19

The final term has arrived – time flies! This term, we are continuing to allow the children to lead us in their learning. We will also have lots of fun exploring Spring/Summer and we even have some Chicken Eggs in the Nursery which we are looking after and hoping that they will hatch – how exciting! We are also planning to further develop our Outdoor Learning this term by visiting the Forest regularly and have already been twice. We have our Nursery trip to look forward to this term as well as Sports Day and Graduation too!

As always, throughout all our daily activities, we will be singing lots of action songs, reading a variety of stories and rhymes and continuing to encourage the development of early literacy and numeracy skills.