Primary 1

Welcome to Primary 1’s class page where you can find out all about what we are learning.


Term 1 August – October

Literacy and English – We will start by undertaking a block of phonological awareness to help us develop skills in rhyme, alliteration and syllable segmentation. We will then learn 8 sounds (a, t, s, i, p, n, r, m) and 12 spelling words (a, at, the, I, in, it, an, is, and, am, me, my). The children will begin to use their phonic knowledge to read and write some simple words. They will have lots of opportunities for daily writing including letter formation practice. The children will also be read aloud lots of stories and will start to learn about the main characters in the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.

Numeracy and Mathematics – We will focus on numbers to 10 and will carry out lots of fun activities to help us identify, count, sequence and order these numbers. We will learn number formation rhymes to help us write numbers to 10 correctly. We will also work on developing mental maths strategies and our problem solving skills.

Practising number formation

Practising number formation

Outdoor learning - counting out natural objects

Counting out natural objects during outdoor learning

Health and Wellbeing – In P.E. we will focus on developing ball skills and participate in a range of games. The children will learn about road safety and the importance of finding a safe place to cross. We will also focus on the wellbeing indicator ‘respected’ and will work together to create a class charter following discussions on rules and rights. The children will take part in ‘circle time’ activities to help develop their social skills and will begin to use ‘Emotion Works’ to explore our own emotions and those of  others.

Our Class Charter

Our Class Charter

Science – Mrs Goodwin will be teaching this subject.

French – The children will be introduced to simple greetings in French.

Technologies – This term we will be looking at ICT technologies and familiarising ourselves with the computer keyboard and mouse. We will work on developing basic mouse control skills and how to ‘log off’ the computer correctly.

Interdisciplinary Learning – The main curricular areas we will work on this term will be Social Studies and Health and Wellbeing as we focus on our topic ’Our School’. The children will find out more about the people who work in our school and the skills they need to do their job. They will also investigate what school was like in the past. We will discuss different ways that we stay healthy in school and why it is important for our learning.

Religious and Moral Education – The children will focus on the values of respect and thankfulness this term. They will learn about the Jewish harvest festival called Sukkot.

Social Studies – The children will be learning about the Global Goal – clean water and sanitation. They will think about all the ways we use water in our daily lives and why it is important. The children will learn about parts of the world where people don’t have access to clean water like they do.

Expressive Arts –  In Art and Design the children will focus on line drawings and in dance lessons they will explore the theme of Autumn. The children will learn and sing some new songs this term, including those for the school’s Harvest assembly. They will also listen to different types of music and learn about rhythm.

What a busy first term at school!