Primary 1 (2016-17)

Primary 1 would like to welcome you to our class page where you can find out all about what we are learning.


 Word of Work Week in Primary 1

We had a fantastic week learning about the different kinds of jobs people in our local community do. We enjoyed learning about the skills needed for these jobs and we thought about what kind of job we would like to do when we grow up. We enjoyed having visits from two nurses, a hairdresser, police officers, a vet, a yoga instructor and we had CPD training. We are looking forward to a visit from the fire service this week.

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Term 4 – April – June

Literacy and English – We will continue to focus on spelling common words now that we have learned most of the phonemes. Our writing mission is ‘Lost in The Garden’ and it focusses on understanding different reasons for writing and writing for a purpose.  We shall also be doing some imaginative writing this term based around our ‘Minibeasts’ and ‘Teddy bears and Toys’ topics. We shall be focussing on talking and listening to an audience and will be preparing short talks, as well as bringing in items from home to talk about for ‘Show and Tell’.

Numeracy and Mathematics – We will be continuing to add and subtract numbers and will be learning about estimating numbers. We shall be learning about estimation and rounding and will be learning about basic fractions; introducing halves and quarters.  We will be undertaking lots of practical work related to measure and will be learning about time, learning about o’clock and half past times.

Health and Wellbeing – This term we shall be learning about relationships and families. We shall be learning about baby animals and about the different stages of development of a human (baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult). We shall be learning about medicines and how to stay safe.  Our work on Growth Mindsets will continue and we will be learning about children’s rights.

Interdisciplinary Learning/Expressive Arts-  We are continuing with our topic about ‘Minibeasts’ and are looking forward to another forest visit this term to hopefully find and identify some minibeasts!  We shall also be learning about ‘Teddy Bears and Toys’, with a particular focus on the history of these. Our expressive arts will be linked to these topics. We are also looking forward to showing our friends and family what we have been learning at our assembly in June!

Religious and Moral Education – We will be learning about the ‘special books’ of Christianity, Judaism and Islam (The Bible, The Talmud and The Qu’ran).

Science – We will be learning about ‘Light and Dark’, looking at a variety of light sources and exploring a variety of materials to see which ones let light through.

Technologies – We shall be looking at digital literacy and internet safety.

French – We shall be focussing on our conversation skills and we shall learn about the parts of the body.

Term 3 January – March

Literacy and English – We will finish learning about trickier digraphs such as oi, oa and ie and will start to focus on spelling common words. We shall do this in a very active way by ‘jumping’ on each phoneme in a word and by using Elkonin Boxes, speed writing and many more active strategies. Please ask the teacher if you would like any further information about this way of learning!  We will be reading our reading books and will be learning about the features of Fiction and Non Fiction texts.  We are excited to be completing a ‘Big Writing Adventure’ this term! Our  ‘writing mission’ is called ‘The Mystery Egg’ and it focusses on using connectives in our writing, writing labels, messages and builds up to the children being able to write three or more sentences which can be read back and make sense.  We are very excited to help ‘Fizz’ the Firefly to solve the missions, while helping us to become excellent writers!

Numeracy and Mathematics – We are continuing to learn to add to 10, but will also be learning about subtraction to 10 this term and will be able to link these. We will be exploring numbers to 20 and are also learning about symmetry and money.

Health and Wellbeing – We are going to be learning about Growth Mindsets and Resilience and shall be completing a topic about Feelings and Friendships. In P.E. we will be learning to play team games and will be doing Athletics in preparation for Sports Day.

Interdisciplinary Learning/Expressive Arts- Our topics are ‘Scotland’ and ‘Minibeasts’. We are looking forward to lots of outdoor learning in the playground and in the forest, hunting for and identifying all types of Minibeasts! We shall be learning songs and creating lots of artwork to accompany this topic.

Religious and Moral Education – We are learning about ‘Thankfulness’, ‘Chinese New Year’ and ‘Easter’.

Science – We are learning about our ‘Senses’ this term.

Technologies – We will continue to work on logging on to the computers and will be given the chance to use different types of programmable technologies such as the Beebot and the Turtle and Roamer online.

French – We shall be learning our numbers to 10 in French, as well as learning about Food.

Term 2 October – December

Literacy and English – We will continue to learn the letter sounds and names to allow us to blend the sounds for reading and writing. We shall be finishing the single sounds and moving on to digraphs such as sh, th and ch this term. We are very excited to begin reading our reading books and are enjoying learning all about the adventures Biff, Chip and Kipper are getting up to in our Oxford Reading Tree Books.

Numeracy and Mathematics – We will be learning about addition to 10 and will be able to do so in many different and active ways, such as using Numicon, cubes, number lines, number squares and in written form. We are also going to be learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

Health and Wellbeing – We are learning about relaxation and shall be focussing on a number of different types of activities such as meditation, yoga, massage, breathing techniques and stretching.  We are also learning about the importance of good hygiene, such as hand washing and tooth brushing.

Interdisciplinary Learning and Social Studies- Our main topic this term is ‘The Post Office’ and we shall focus all of our Active Learning activities around this. As an Enterprise Topic, we shall organise the Christmas Post for the whole school, sorting, stamping and delivering Christmas Cards to all of the classes.

Religious and Moral Education/Expressive Arts – This term our main Religious and Moral Education focus will be on The Christmas Story, which we will act out in our show named ‘Lights, Camel, Action’. We will be learning to sing songs, take part in dances and take on acting roles throughout the performances. Lots of our artwork this term will focus on Christmas also.  We will also be learning about ‘Welcoming a Baby’.

Science – We are going to be learning about Electricity, with a focus on staying safe.

French – We shall be reinforcing all learning from term 1 as well as learning a little about how Christmas is celebrated in France. We shall be learning about the names of some simple classroom objects.

Term 1 August – October

Literacy and English – We will be learning the letter sounds and names and focusing on blending the sounds to make words so that we can start to read and write. We will be learning how to form our letters and will be learning how to write simple words and short sentences using the sounds we know.  We will also be doing phonological awareness activities, such as rhyming, syllable segmentation and alliteration through learning simple rhymes and playing games.

Numeracy and Mathematics – We will be learning everything there is to know about the numbers to 10 – we will understand how to count, make and write the numbers, understand their place on a numberline, locate the numbers before, after and in between them, be able to show different ways to make the numbers (e.g. 3 and 2 make 5, as does 1 and 4) and we will find the numbers on a 100 square. All of this will be done in an active manner using resources such as Numicon, cubes, number lines, loose parts and ICT.

Health and Wellbeing – We will be focussing on kindness through a book study of “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”.  We will learn about many social skills through the SULP Programme (Social Use of Language Programme) and will be learning to manage our feelings and emotions using the “Cool In School” programme.  In Physical Education we shall be doing Yoga and Meditation as well as physical play both indoors and outdoors using Go Noodle and the Connections Physical Education Pack.

Interdisciplinary Learning – Our “Fairyland” topic has a Literacy and Expressive Arts focus. It is based around the fairy tales and will see us “rebuild” Fairyland, visit the woods and organise a Showcase Afternoon for parents.

Social Studies – We will be learning about “Our School” in the first few weeks of school.

Science – We will be investigating different types of Materials within the context of Fairyland. Examples include – investigating which materials are best to build the Three Little Pigs houses, how can we make a strong chair for Baby Bear? etc.

Technologies – We plan to focus on digital drawings using a variety of programmes on the computer and IPads.

Expressive Arts – Most of the Expressive Arts will be covered through our Fairyland Topic, however in addition to those activites we plan to do the following; Art – Colour, Music – learning assembly songs and focusiing on our first musical journey using ABC Music, learning about beat and rhythmn.

Religious and Moral Education – We will be learning about Harvest. We will also use Fischy Music songs to learn about Christianity.

French – We will be learning about colours and can already order our lunch in French. We shall be counting to 10 and introducing basic instructions and greetings.

What a busy term we have ahead!