Primary 5/6 (2016-17)

Hello and welcome to P5/6 class page.



Term 4 – April – June

Literacy – we will be completing a writing mission based on Board Games. This will involve using various styles of writing such as functional and imaginative. We will also be working with Victorian non-fiction texts using our Stonelaw skills. We will also be continuing with our Literacy Circles.

Numeracy and Mathematics – we will be continuing using our Maths on Track flashcards during Mental Maths. We will also be continuing with word problems, picking out key words. Our main topics are Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Data Analysis, Coordinates, Symmetry, Uncertainty and Chance and Angles.

Other curricular areas – we will be learning about the Victorians this term including children, toys, school, work, Queen Victoria, inventions and more. We are looking forward to presenting our Assembly based on this too. We will also be completing Art and Drama activities based on this.

For H&WB we are looking forward to World of Work week to find out about a range of careers and finding out about the skills and qualities involved in these. We will also be focusing on self-esteem and resilience and having class discussions around these. During P.E. we will be completing a block on Football focusing on the skills of dribbling, passing, shooting and defending.

World of Work Week

What a great time P5/6 had during World of Work Week. They loved hearing from lots of different professionals and even had visits from people in jobs that they didn’t even know existed! The children enjoyed identifying which careers they felt would be well suited to them and asking questions regarding what skills and qualifications would be needed.

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Term 3 – January – March

We can’t believe it is Term 3 already. Here is what we will be learning.

LiteracyWe will be continuing to complete our Literacy Circles in class with P6 having the opportunity to do so with a Scottish text. We will also be watching Newsround regularly and using this to form questions for our peers to answer as part of our Talking and Listening. During reading we will be working with non-fiction texts.

MathsWe will be focusing on our mental maths, using our Numeracy Map to aid us. We will be also be continuing our Addition and Subtraction topic. After this we will move on to Multiplication and Division and Measurement. We will continue to embed Problem Solving throughout our maths to put to use the skills we are learning.

Health and WellbeingThis term we will be looking at self-esteem, resilience, and our feelings in school through social stories. We are also looking forward to another visit to the forest and to completing a block on Football. We will be looking at passing, shooting, dribbling and defending. P6 group will continue going swimming and P5 will be completing a block on Basketball.

ScienceOur Science topic for this term is “Forces, Electricity and Waves”. We will be looking at the forces and motions we use every day as well as how different surfaces produce different amounts of friction as well as how friction can be reduced. In addition to this we will be looking at the different forms of energy, electricity symbols and circuits.

Social StudiesIn line with the January theme of “Scotland” we are going to be looking at Scottish cities. We will be looking at these on a map and then preparing talks in pairs to present along with a PowerPoint presentation. We will then move on to our main topic which is the Scottish Parliament. We have lots of fun activities lined up including making our political parties and sending out questionnaires. This will require us to think about Carnwath and what we like and what we dislike about our town.

Expressive Arts We are looking forward to learning our assembly piece for the Scottish celebration afternoon. We will be also be doing activities in Art and Drama based on our Scottish Parliament topic including making our own art pictures of the Scottish Parliament building.

R.M.E.Throughout Term 3 we will be exploring Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival; we will use expressive arts and ICT skills to create a display of our learning. We will also be looking at Places of Worship and discovering themes of Thankfulness and Charity.

Technologies During this term we will be learning new skills in creating and using spreadsheets. We will also develop our ICT skills by creating posters relating to our RME topics.

Term 2

After an exciting and busy term 1 we are all looking forward to Term 2. Here are some of the things we will be learning.

Literacy – This term we are aiming to complete a writing mission which is based on Superheroes. This will involve working for a Secret Agency to help solve a problem. We will also be doing Literacy Circles. The work will be prepared as Homework then we will have our discussions in class on a Friday. These will encourage us to use our reading strategies, apply them, and be involved in discussions with our peers based on our work. We are also starting off the term with talks on our October week and will be looking to build on our skills as throughout the term such as talking with fluency, expression, intonation and eye contact.

Maths – Last term we started off our topic on Estimating on Rounding. We will be continuing this with the Triangles estimating the position of numbers up to 1000 using a number line and rounding 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000. They will also be rounding one place decimals. The Circles will be estimating the position of numbers up to 100 using a number line and rounding 3 digit numbers to the nearest 10. They will also be using numbers to estimate and compare answers to addition and subtraction questions. After this both groups will be moving on to Place Value then Addition and Subtraction.

Health and Wellbeing –This term we are looking forward to doing Social Dance in with our Physical Education in preparation for our Christmas Party. This will involve doing traditional Scottish dances such as the Gay Gordons, The Britannia Two Step and The Canadian Barn Dance. Additionally we will be looking at Street Sense. This will involve thinking of how to stay safe around vehicles and roads and is very fitting with Bikeability which P5 are currently undertaking (optional) and P6 will have the opportunity to do next term.

IDL – Our IDL topic this term is Natural Disasters. We will be doing lots of active, written and creative work based on volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. Additionally, we will be looking at humanitarian agencies and the role they play when these occur. This topic leads to lots of fun activities with drama, art, science and literacy too.

RME – We will be looking at Rememberance Day. We will also be looking at what faith and belief is and what this means to different people. We will then look at Christmas and what it means to Christians. We will also look at how it is celebrated in other countries.

French – This term in French we will be looking at telling the time. We will also be participating in conversations about the weather and putting it in written form.

Term 1

Here is some information about what we will be learning this term.

Literacy and English – In Literacy we are starting with our Book Study “The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog”. With this we will be completing various activities around our reading skills of predicting, self questioning, inferring, determining importance, comparing, skimming and connecting. Our book study also gives us lots of exciting opportunities for writing and talking and listening activities. In spelling P5 will continue their learning on phonemes and P6 will be doing prefixes, suffixes and homophones. Both stages will continue with their learning of common words and spelling rules. In Grammar we will be learning about contractions, how to use apostrophes correctly, homophones, subject/object and some alphabetical order and dictionary skills work.

Numeracy and Mathematics – We will be focusing largely on Time this term. The triangles will look at am and pm, focusing on both the 12 and 24 hour clock. They will be using timetables to calculate complex durations and also their problem solving skills to work out time word problems.

The circles will be looking at 5 minute intervals and writing times in both digital and analogue forms. They will be looking at timetables and using stopwatches to estimate and calculate durations. They will also be working with calendars.

Shape – The TRIANGLES will be learning about tiling using shapes and examining features of a circle such as diameter, radius and circumference.  We will also be learning to use a compass to draw circles and examining different angles in shapes.

The CIRCLES will be learning firstly about the different properties of 3D shapes.  They will also be able to name and identify a variety of shapes such as quadrilaterals and compare similar features e.g. 2 parallel sides.

Additionally, we are looking forward to using our Numeracy Maps in class to practise our times tables and other mental maths.

Health and Wellbeing – We are starting the term with “Cool in School” where we will consider how we treat others and how we like to be treated. To do this we will be discussing “cool responses/thoughts”, “weak responses/thoughts” and “aggressive responses/thoughts”.

For Physical Education we will be completing a block on Tennis. We will be focusing on agility, balance and co-ordination and we will be learning the forehand, backhand, volley and serve. By the October holidays we will hopefully have lots of Andy Murrays in class!

For our FOOD topic we will be looking at the Eatwell Plate and the different food groups.  We will also look at where our food comes from and food labelling.

Social Studies – Our topic is Brazil where we will find out about Brazil’s location, people, culture and traditions through a range of activities as well as completing work on the Olympics and Paralympics Rio 2016.

Interdisciplinary Learning – Most of our IDL will be covered through our Brazil topic as we plan to incorporate Drama, Art, Music, Science, Literacy and Health and Wellbeing into our learning.

Religious and Moral Education – We are starting the term with Harvest where we will learn what this festival means to Christians and how it is celebrated. We will also be learning about Rosh Hashanah and the significance of New Year to Jewish people.

Science – This term we will be focusing our learning on Body Systems such as the circulatory system, respiratory system and the digestive system.  We will be exploring exactly how they work and looking at specific areas of the body.

Technologies – In I.C.T. we are taking our learning of shape in maths and building 3D models online.  We will be using Google Sketchup to create amazing 3D houses and looking at designing the interiors.

We will also be using a variety of technology skills in Science to make models of how the lungs work etc.

French – This term we will continue to extend our French vocabulary. We will be looking to use intonation and expression when talking to others and to be able to ask and respond to questions.