Primary 6 (2017-18)

Welcome to the Primary 6 class page!


Term 4 (April – June)

Our final term has arrived already!

Here’s what we will be learning this term and some important dates.*Class Assembly 1.30pm Friday 4th May*

*Sports Day Thursday 10th May 1pm *

*Book Fair Wednesday 16th May*

*Camping Friday 1st June*


We now have our new reading programme up and running using novels. We are continuing to work on the following strategies – Prior Knowledge, Identifying Main Themes, Visualising, Summarising, Inferencing and Metalinguistics.

For writing, we will be using the Oxford Reading Tree Big Writing Adventures where we will be learning how to write an anthology, a persuasive review and an descriptive, atmospheric poem.

For talking and listening, we will be practicing our skills by preparing and presenting a personal talk on a subject of our choice.

Miss Stewart will be teaching French on a Wednesday afternoon, and we will also be learning German.

Numeracy and Maths

We will begin the term by working on a real life maths scenario called “Four A-Side Football” which focuses on the ideas of chance and probability.

Our main topics will be angles, patterns and relationships, shape, data analysis and measure. We hope to get outdoors for lots of active activities.


This term we will be working on self esteem, nutrition and choices and change (including sex education and parenthood).

We will continue to do Bikeability on a Monday.

For P.E, we will be focusing on football, tennis, athletics and golf.

Other Learning

We will be finishing off our World War 2 topic by baking some world war 2 recipes, and learning some songs. We will also be preparing for our assembly!

The beginning of the term is STEM week. For this, we will be having a mini topic on bridges where we will be learning about their design and structure using Knex.

Our other mini topic will be Germany. We will be learning about the culture and language.

In RME, we will be learning about Buddhism.

For Science, Miss Smith will be teaching outcomes related to forces, electricity and waves.

Term 3 (January – March)

Happy New Year from Primary 6! We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday!

Here’s what we will be learning this term and some important dates.

*Scottish Celebration rescheduled for Wednesday 31st January*

*World War 2 workshop in school Tuesday 27th February*

*Class Trip to Stirling Castle Friday 23rd March*

*School Easter Assembly Thursday 29th April*

*Bikeability beginning after the Easter holidays*


We will begin learning reading strategies from the new reading programme called ‘The Comprehension Toolkit’. This is a structured programme to help children develop a greater understanding of they are reading. They will be introduced through our class novel ‘The Graveyard Book’ by Neil Gaimen. The children will then apply what they have learned to their own group novel in their groups.

For writing this term, we will be focusing on functional pieces, and other non-fiction related writing.

Numeracy and Maths

We will continue daily word problems, number talks and mental maths as lesson starters. This really helps the children to look at mathematical language and choose the correct operation. It also helps them learn mental strategies, recognise their mistakes and develop a quick mental ability.

This term, our main topics will be fractions/percentages/decimals, money and finance and time.

You can help your child by asking them to show you what they have learned. You may be impressed with their strategies!


This term we will be continuing to work on the Health and Wellbeing indicators and learning about substance misuse.

For P.E, will be focusing on hockey, gymnastics and fitness. Please ensure your child has their P.E kit on a Monday and Thursday.

Other Learning

Our main topic for this term will be World War 2. By the end of the topic, the children will be able to say when the war started, tell you some of the countries and key individuals involved, recall some details about key events,  describe what evacuation and rationing were. They will also be able to explain how they worked and how different people were affected, describe some of the jobs women did during the war and describe what the Holocaust was and who suffered as a result.

The children will be able to broaden their learning through a workshop and their trip to Stirling Castle.

For art, we will be looking at Scottish artists and drawing a thistle. We will also be learning and creating street art.

In drama, we will continue learning the various drama conventions and role playing various scenarios.

In RME, we will be learning about the the Holocaust, Passover Festival and the Easter Story.

For Science, Miss Smith will be teaching outcomes related to water, plants and fertilisers.

Keep updated through the posts on the website.


Here’s a look at what we will be learning this term.

Term 2 (October – December)


We will reading novels in our groups and continuing to work on our Literacy Circles. We will also look at some non-fiction texts and newspapers.

We will be writing some imaginative stories for the p3/4 children, and hope to illustrate these too. We will also be focusing on functional pieces of writing such as letters and instructions.

For talking and listening, we will be using the common skills we have learned to create and present a personal talk. We will also be working on some group discussion techniques.

Numeracy and Maths

We are continuing to develop our mental ability and problem solving skills through word problems, number talks and Tom Renwick resources. We will be showcasing this to other teachers in South Lanarkshire during the Spotlight on Skills week.

Our main numeracy focus for this term will be multiplication and division of whole numbers. We will then work on decimal place value and calculations, including finance and money.


We will be looking at 2 Health and Wellbeing indicators in depth :- Healthy and Included. Our main health topics will be Protective Behaviours, Resilience, Bullying and Mental/Social Wellbeing.

For P. E we will be learning Netball skills. When our swimming ends on the 24th of November, we will be learning our social dances in preparation for our Christmas parties!

Other Learning

Our main topic for this term will be The Scottish Parliament. We will be finding out the history, democracy how laws are passed, political parties and elections. We will be creating our very own political party and having a mock election.

In art, we will be focussing on painting skills and creating various landscapes. We will also be making some Christmas crafts.

We love drama in P6! This term we will be working on hot seating, narration, role play and role reversal.

For RME, we will be learning about Diwali and the Rama and Sita story. We will also learning about Remembrance Day and working on respect value lessons.

Miss Smith will be continuing to teach Science on a Thursday, and will be working on Materials and Mixtures.

Term 1 (August – October)

It’s been a busy start to the year. We have already given speeches for JRSO, and we now have 2 road safety officers – Cian Morrison and Rhiannan Stormonth. Well done! They will be planning lots of activities for the school and also organising a road safety assembly in October. Watch this space for more information!

We have also interviewed for jobs working for the Credit Union. The successful candidates were: Aleshia McLaughlin, Alistair Bulloch, Jamie Somerville, Rhiannan Stormonth, Ion Kane, Eilidh Kane, Morgan Rieley, Cian Morrison, Dion Gormley, Beth McGee, Zoe Lake and Marcus Gormley. Well done to everyone who applied and interviewed, and a huge well done to those who got a job.

Have a look at what we will be learning this term.


We are studying the book ‘First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts’ by Lari Don. We were really lucky to have her visit the school recently, and some children got to buy a book and have this signed. It was great to hear her tell us about her books, her life as an author and to ask her questions. She was very inspiring, and we hope to write chase scene stories to send to her. During our book study, we are focussing on learning and using key reading strategies to help us analyse the text.

For writing, we are using the Big Writing resource to learn about endangered animals. We are focussing on persuasive writing techniques, and will be writing a radio broadcast report.

Numeracy and Maths

Our targets for this term are based on times table facts. We have been learning various strategies and mnemonics to help us remember these for quick recall using flashcards.

We have been using Numicon and the Tom Renwick numeracy map to help develop our mental maths, and to see links with times table facts. We hope to show you this at the numeracy workshop on Wednesday the 20th of September.

Our main numeracy focus for this term is Place Value, Estimating and Rounding and Addition and Subtraction.


The Health and Wellbeing indicator that we will be looking at this term is Achieving. We will be exploring achievements in school, out of school and in the community.

We have been using our book study to explore friendship and lying. There has been some really meaningful discussions in class, and we have also made some friendship bracelets for our friends.

We will be learning how to be resilient through the Cool in School programme.

Other Curricular Learning

We will be learning drawing skills – how to draw faces, body shapes, animals and even having some fun with cartoon faces!

We will be using ABC music to recognise beats and rhythm and use this to create our own rap.

In Drama, we will be focussing on Mime, Still Picture and Role Play.

Miss Smith is teaching us Science. We will be focussing on Biological Systems and learning about plant and animal lifecycles.