Lockerbie Manor Day 4

We have had another great day at Lockerbie. Both groups completed the High Ropes which involved walking on various wooden bridges between trees of a great height. We also did Initiative Exercises where we used our Problem Solving skills whilst working in teams. An example of this was Charlotte’s Web where each team had to work their way through bungees which were tied between posts. Both groups also enjoyed Fencing and learned skills such as defending, attacking and movement. At the Rifles children had great fun aiming at a given target with many children getting a bullseye! We ended our evening with another fabulous dinner of Pizza or Chicken Wings and then went on to abseiling. Children have continued to impress us, and others, with their great attitudes, encouragement and abilities.

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Lockerbie Manor Day 3

We started our day with yet another scrumptious breakfast before going on to the Hill Climb. We had a great morning for this and enjoyed seeing the views Lockerbie had to offer. Mrs Alexander joined us too which was a lovely surprise. After lunch Group 5 went on to Archery. They learned the different parts of a bow, how to place the arrow into a bow and how to best aim. They then went to the Obstacle Course. Group 6 went to the Scavenger Hunt where children were given questions and were to run around the Manor and grounds looking for answers. Then they went to Archery. Everyone then headed to dinner where we enjoyed Roast Pork, Roast Chicken or Creamy Vegetable Pie. Children are now ready for a fun night ahead at the Disco. All children have been behaving so well and have been very mannerly. We are very proud of them.


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Lockerbie Manor Day 2

After their lovely breakfast this morning group 5 made their way to the Zip Wire. They enjoyed zooming between trees followed by the Blind Trail. The groups compared experiences since group 5 did it in daylight and group 6 did it in darkness. Group 6 enjoyed the Obstacle Course and got very muddy. They were under and over obstacles and used lots of teamwork skills. After lunch we headed to Kayaking and Canoeing. We had to use balance and courage(at times we were even standing on the kayak!). The water experience was fantastic and all the children did amazing, many going out their comfort zone (this being something we had talked about at Wiston Lodge). We then had dinner of Chicken Escalope, Sweet & Sour Chicken or Vegetable Lasagne before going on to do the climbing wall. It was very wet but children embraced the challenge with many reaching the top. We ended our day with hot chocolate and even had a visit from Mrs Easton.


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Lockerbie Manor Day 1

Our first stop today was Wiston Lodge where we enjoyed Jacob’s Ladder and High Vines. We were given an inspirational talk about bravery and persistence, two skills which were essential during these activities. We then made our way to Lockerbie Manor and were given our welcome and safety talks. We enjoyed Wide Games on the lawn (on Friday we will now do Scavenger Hunt and Low Ropes so there has been slight changes to the timetable) where we completed various team exercises. We enjoyed dinner of Steak Pie, Bacon Chop or Vegetable Jambalaya. Group 6 then did the Blind Trail. As they were blindfolded they relied heavily on their other senses and communication from their teammates. Group 5 did video making. They were given an object and had to adapt and sell this and make a movie. We ended the day singing Happy Birthday to a special boy! Overall, a great day has been had by all. Roll on day 2!

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