Primary 1/2

Welcome to Primary 1/2’s class page. You can find out about our learning here!


 Term 2 October – December

Literacy and English


Primary 1 will continue work on learning new sounds (r, m, d, e, c, k, g, l, f, o, b and u) and new spelling words (am, me, my, did, as, he, can, we, into, go, got, get, if, for, on, be, but, you).

Primary 2 will also work on their new sounds (ee, oo, ck, ai, oy and oa) and new spelling words (had, see, has, play, no, look, make, like, made, said, big, could, our, down, off, him, all, came, here, her, before).

All children will use the 5 finger approach (say, make/break, blend, read and write) using their magnetic letter boards and will participate in reciprocal teaching and dictation activities.


The P1 children will begin their own reading books this term and are already enjoying learning all about the adventures of Biff, Chip and Kipper! They will start work on comprehension activities related to their reading books to help them understand what is happening in the story.

The P2 children will continue to develop their fluency, expression and comprehension skills using their reading books and through various reading activities.


The children will have daily opportunities to practise their writing skills as well as longer weekly writing lessons. The P1 children will learn to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops correctly and the P2 children will work on developing their extended writing skills.

Numeracy and Mathematics

Primary 1

The children will complete work on Numbers to 10 and will then be introduced to the concept of addition to 10. They will learn how to recognise, name and sort 2D and 3D shapes and how to describe their properties. The children will copy, continue and create simple patterns involving objects, shapes and numbers. They will also work on data handling and will find out about pictograms, tally marks and Carroll diagrams.

Primary 2

The children will complete work on Numbers to 20 and will then start working on addition to 20. They will learn more about 2D and 3D shapes, including using the correct mathematical language to describe properties such as sides, faces and edges. The children will continue and create more complex repeating patterns. For data handling, the P2 children will collect, organise, display and interpret information using a variety of graphs, charts and diagrams.

 Health and Wellbeing

This term, we will focus on the wellbeing indicators of ‘nurtured’, ‘included’ and ‘safe’. We will continue work on our emotional development using ‘Emotion Works’ and will find out more about behaviours, body sensations, triggers and regulation. The children will also participate in Circle Time activities. P.E. lessons will continue to be carried out outdoors and this term we will focus on games, developing ball skills and yoga activities.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Our topic for this term is ‘The Farm’. We will start by discussing what the children already know about farming and what they would like to find out. The children will explore foods provided by farms and will find out how farmers care for their animals. The children will investigate what is produced in farms in our local area and will also discover how farming has changed over the years. We will also look at farming in other areas of the world. During play sessions, the children will have the opportunity to use small world resources and will undertake activities related to this topic. We will also read story books and information books about farms and farm animals.