‘I Dare’

Carnwath Primary School motto is ‘I Dare’. Below you will find a description of how this became our motto and why it is displayed on our school badge.

‘I Dare’

A thousand years ago a relative of the Scottish king, Kenneth II, was killed by

the Picts, a tribe of warriors who lived in Scotland.

The king was very upset about this and so he offered a large reward to anyone

who would bring back the body of his relative.

At first nobody was bold enough to take on such a dangerous job. Eventually

however one brave man from the king’s court came forward and agreed to try.

He came to the king and said ‘Dalziel’ which means ‘I Dare’. He set off into a

dangerous part of the country and he rescued the body and brought it back to

the king.

The king was very pleased, so, in memory of the event he named the man and

his family Dalziel and allowed him and his descendants to have a family crest

or badge which featured a man, along with the motto ‘I Dare’.

Later the Dalziel family became Earls of Carnwath, so the motto ‘I Dare’

became associated with Carnwath.


I Dare’ appears on our school badge because we believe that all children who

attend Carnwath Primary School should be willing and eager to face

challenges in a confident manner.

Children of Carnwath Primary…….. be bold and challenge yourself!

Dare to aim for excellence!

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