School Houses

Each child belongs to one of four school houses and they work hard throughout the year to earn points for their house. They can earn points for being a good citizen, holding doors open for others, being helpful, lining up in house teams quietly etc. These points are added up weekly and our House Captains read out the weekly totals in assembly. At the end of the year these points are added up and the house with the most points wins the overall ‘Best House’ trophy.

We also have several events throughout the school year where the children work together in their houses to compete for additional house trophies and awards. These include Netball, Football, Hockey and Sports competitions.

The House names have significance to the area of Carnwath. They are –

*Couthally (Blue)  *Langwhang (Green)  *Medwyn (Yellow)  *Somerville (Red)

Our School Captains for 2021/22 are pictured below.

House Captains