Primary 2/3

Our P2/3 Class Page

Here you can find out what we have been learning, and what we will be learning so that you can support your child at home.


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Term 2 Learning


We are continuing to learn our new sounds and new common words. We learn the phoneme story on a Monday, use magnetic boards on a Tuesday, use Elkonin Boxes on a Wednesday, then do a dictation task on a Thursday. We work on spelling strategies all week for spelling tricky words.

For reading, each group gets 2 books per week which are read daily for fluency. There is a daily writing task for each book which helps develop comprehension.

We will be working on imaginative writing this term, using model texts and grammar games.


Each group will be working on place value, number sequences and counting on and back in sets. We will then move onto addition and subtraction, then number patterns.

Squares and Circles – Numbers to 100. Adding and subtracting to 20.

Triangles – Numbers to 1000. Adding and subtracting to 100.

Diamonds – Numbers to 10 000. Adding and subtracting to 1000. Times table work.

We will also build in Number Talks and Word Problems to daily lessons, to help with calculating mentally.


We are continuing to have a huge focus on Health and Wellbeing. We will be learning relaxation/meditation techniques, yoga, how to manage emotions and how to be healthy. We will be learning about nurture and why this is important to development.

We will also continue to have weekly Circle Times to talk and reflect, and come together as a class.

For P.E, we are outdoors daily for exercise and fresh air. We will continue to learn to play outdoor games and hopefully we will be able to learn some social dances in the run up to Christmas.

Other Learning

We will continue to practise using Google Classroom, and will be completing tasks in school and as part of homework.

We will be continuing to learn how to draw, and also how to use paint (including colour mixing and tints/shades).

The children wanted to learn about dinosaurs so this will be our social studies topic.

We will take part in lots of fun activities during the period running up to Halloween, Guy Fawks and ofcourse Christmas!

Here are some pictures of our learning from Term 1

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