Citizens of the week for 20th – 24th January 2020

Citizens of the week for 20th – 24th January are as follows –

Nursery – Maeby Graham for being an effective contributor

Primary 1 – Aaron Leary for excellent work in Numeracy

Primary 2 – Maya Carmichael for having a growth mindset in Numeracy

Primary 3/4 – Lucas Carswell for having a growth mindset and pushing himself to answer tricky questions

Primary 4/5 – Caleb Brownlee for great work with times tables in Numeracy

Primary 5/6 – Rory Vance for excellent innovation ideas for Talk for Writing

Primary 6/7 – Ethan Thomson for trying really hard in class and completing tasks independently


P3/4 Stained Glass Windows

As part of our Scottish Topic, Primary 3/4 have been looking at the famous Scottish artist – Charles Rennie Mackintosh. In particular we looked at his rose design and the artwork in his stained-glass windows. We decided to create our own stained glass windows using vibrant colours and the designs of Mackintosh:




P6/7 Problem Solving

Yesterday the children worked together in pairs to solve some problem solving challenges. Here are some pictures of our first task. The children had to create a 3D 3×3 cube using 27 cubes of 3 different colours. They had to ensure no row or column had the same colour twice.

DSCI0127 DSCI0128 DSCI0129DSCI0126 DSCI0130DSCI0132 DSCI0131DSCI0125

DSCI0133 DSCI0134 DSCI0136 DSCI0137 DSCI0138 DSCI0139 DSCI0140

P6/7 Science – Predicting and Investigating Sound Waves

P6/7 today were predicting and investigating sound waves by setting up their own experiments to show sound.  They were given the materials and they decided how they could show the vibrations of sound. They also investigated sounds through a solid by using the walkie-talkies.  Please see their photographs and the comments about their learning.

“When the string was loose it was difficult to hear what my partner was saying.” Bethany

“Maybe when the string was tight it allowed the sound to travel through the solid easier than when it was loose.” Cara

“We did Chinese whispers and it worked when the string was tight but not when bent and we agree with Cara.” Eve

“When we pulled the cup away from our mouth it was harder for the other person to hear what I was saying.  I think this is because there was space between my mouth and the cup where the sound could escape.” Charlotte

DSCI0222 DSCI0221 DSCI0220 DSCI0219 DSCI0218 DSCI0217 DSCI0216 DSCI0215 DSCI0214 DSCI0213 DSCI0212 DSCI0211 DSCI0210 DSCI0209