Citizens of the week for 23rd – 27th November 2020

Citizens of the week for 23rd – 27th November 2020 are as follows –

Nursery – Alexander Watson-Bowman for developing his self help skills

Primary 1/2 – Oliver McSkimming for showing lots of interest in their new sounds and trying hard with his letter formation

Primary 2/3 – Eden Camara for working hard on his flashcards at home making him a successful learner

Primary 3/4/5 – Lillie Hamilton for embracing challenging work well and being a successful learner

Primary 5/6 – Ben Forster for always being a responsible and respectful citizen

Primary 6/7 – Rory Vance for being really kind and helpful to his peers


Nursery Yellow Group – Measure

The Yellow Group have been very busy investigating measure this week. This interest was sparked when they were outside with Mrs Coubrough on Monday and the children noticed that their shadows were changing size when they were moving. They explored how they could make their shadows taller and smaller. The children then went on to find different sized worms in the Nursery Garden. They used the metre sticks to measure lots of different things in the playground and trundle wheels to measure the distance between two places. They even measured themselves and put themselves in order from tallest to smallest!

The Red Group

This week the children have been very creative using a selection of resources and materials to create their own pictures.  Lots of great turn taking and sharing.  We have also been learning about rhyming words, we enjoyed playing a rhyming game and we have been making rhyming words of our own.  Well done, Red Group, lots of terrific learning going on.  I look forward to having a chat with parents over the next couple of weeks.

Blue Group

The blue group have been very busy this week indoors and out. They have been busy role playing being shop keepers and shoppers. The children have enjoyed reading and retelling Jack in the bean stock and humpty dumpty. The children have also played and worked well creating a large train track together.

Outdoors the children have continued to work on their physical skills outdoors game playing and using the Tim Trail balancing and climbing.  Also on the day that it was windy and wet the children played all morning with the parachute tied to the fence catching and trapping the wind the children called it a hot air balloon.