Blue Group.

The Blue group have been very busy over the last couple of weeks. One of the children had mentioned that they had a new puppy, this then sparked conversation on who had pets at home. Some of the children helped to set up a vet/ pet station. They have been looking after their little pups and taking care of their needs. Whilst outdoors they have been role playing further and pretending to be Paw Patrol Pups.

The children have been enjoying the Christmas festivities making Christmas decorations and a Christmas display for the Nursery window. We have also explored our senses using different scents in the play dough, we have had cinnamon, peppermint and orange.  We have used touch with some messy play using the sand, glitter and shaving foam which has encouraged a range of different vocabulary from the children.

The children have been using their problem solving skills whilst building with the bricks and stickle bricks both in and outdoors working out how to design the house with a doorway and a roof. Well done blue group we have had some wonderful designs.







Blue Group

The blue group have been very busy this week indoors and out. They have been busy role playing being shop keepers and shoppers. The children have enjoyed reading and retelling Jack in the bean stock and humpty dumpty. The children have also played and worked well creating a large train track together.

Outdoors the children have continued to work on their physical skills outdoors game playing and using the Tim Trail balancing and climbing.  Also on the day that it was windy and wet the children played all morning with the parachute tied to the fence catching and trapping the wind the children called it a hot air balloon.