Yellow Group

Well what a busy week we had last week.  A very special visit from Santa, cupcake decorating and a yummy Christmas lunch were just some of the things we were doing.  In the yellow group we have also been talking about the nativity story.  We have been using a story map to help us remember the story.  We have had lots of fun learning the actions.  If anyone would like to do this at home I have attached the story below called We’re Going on a Journey.

We’re Going on a Journey

Nursery Yellow Group – Measure

The Yellow Group have been very busy investigating measure this week. This interest was sparked when they were outside with Mrs Coubrough on Monday and the children noticed that their shadows were changing size when they were moving. They explored how they could make their shadows taller and smaller. The children then went on to find different sized worms in the Nursery Garden. They used the metre sticks to measure lots of different things in the playground and trundle wheels to measure the distance between two places. They even measured themselves and put themselves in order from tallest to smallest!

Nursery Yellow Group – 2D Space Rockets

The children have continued to show an interest in the sky at night and space this week. We discussed how astronauts get into space and this led us to create ‘Space Rocket’ pictures using sticky 2D shapes. This allowed the children to become more familiar with common 2D shape names such as rectangle, square and triangle, as well as some more tricky ones, such as semi-circle, pentagon and hexagon!



Nursery Yellow Group – The Moon, Stars and Planets

This week some of the children had been talking about the full moon at the weekend.  This got us interested in the sky at night.  We did a mind map of all the things we know like a crescent moon.  It was great to hear lots of fabulous words.  We have been reading some books about Space and discovered some names of the planets.  We also made starry pictures, designed our own planets, built space rockets and found letters hidden in space rocks.