Citizens of the week for 9th – 13th September 2019

Citizens of the week for 9th-13th September 2019 are as follows – 

Nursery – Jax Provan for being an effective contributor

Primary 1 – Dylan Currie for showing good listening skills and trying to be helpful

Primary 2 – Blair Kennedy for being really hard working in all his work

Primary 3/4 – Cole Haynes for trying his best to be a responsible citizen, helping and caring for his classmates

Primary 4/5 – Calvin Sommerville for being a really good friend and doing super maths

Primary 5/6 – Mathew Gardiner for wonderful story writing and great vocabulary

Primary 6/7 – Kacey Crawford for trying her best and being resilient when faced with challenges


P6-7 Young Person’s Leadership Course (Games)

Our children in Primary 6 and 7 had the opportunity to take part in a course this week to develop them as young leaders.  The children learned how to deal with, and teach younger children in the school different playground games. The Primary 6-7 children will be split into smaller groups and each week a group will take Primary 1 and 2 children for a fun games session in the playground.  This will encourage more physical activity among our younger children and will help develop a range of skills for all of the children involved.

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