Star of the Week!

Every week staff highlight any child who has achieved excellence or who has worked hard in class or at home. These children are awarded a ‘Star of the Week’ certificate from Mrs Alexander. Well done to this week’s stars!

P1 – Aaron Leary – for excellent reading!

P2 – Zach Paterson – for working on his handwriting at home and producing excellent work!

P2 – Blair Kennedy – for working on his handwriting at home and producing excellent work!

P2 – Abbie Robertson –  for working very hard in class!

P2 – Emilia McNiven – for super literacy work!

P4/5 – Zak Hodgson – for making excellent progress in his reading!

P5/6 – Aiden Hartland – for working on a very tricky word problem at home and then he taught the class how to work it out!

star of the week



Citizens of the week for 2nd – 6th September 2019

Citizens of the week for 2nd – 9th September are as follows –

Nursery – Lauren Baillie for being a confident individual

Primary 1 – Amanda-May Nelson for being hardworking and always trying her best

Primary 2 – Axl Bollan for being focussed on his work and working hard

Primary 3/4 – Flynn Murphy for excellent effort during numeracy every single day

Primary 4/5 – Lucas Menzies for super story writing on defeating a monster

Primary 5/6 – Ryan Smith for having a wonderful growth mindset in writing

Primary 6/7 – Ruaridh McNiven for being a successful learner and trying his best at all times


Parent Council Office Bearers

We had a very successful Parent Council AGM on Tuesday 28th August. Many thanks to everyone for their very valuable contributions.  There are already lots of exciting plans for the year ahead for events and for fundraising activities.  You will find the minutes from the meeting below.  All Parent Council Meeting minutes are located under the ‘Parent Council’ section on the ‘Parental Information’ menu.

Parent Council Minutes – AGM August 2019

Congratulations to the following office bearers who were elected for this year.

Chairperson- David Welsh

Vice Chairperson – Audrey Hartland

Treasurer – Roy Walker/Adrienne Walker

Secretary – William Wilson