End of Year Awards

Congratulations to the children who were nominated as ‘Citizens of the Year’ this year.  These children were deemed to be the most respectful, kind and caring children in our school.  It was a very tough decision because we are very proud to say that all of our pupils are respectful, kind and caring and this has been evident throughout the year when they have received Citizen of the Week awards and have also gained many points for their House.  We would like to say a huge well done to all of our pupils for being the best they can be this year!
Overall Citizen of the Year -Louisa Dick
Nursery – Sophie Moffat
P1/2 – Layla Stewart
P2/3 – Eiley Whyment
P4 – Greer Wright
P5/6 – Emily Gold
P6/7 – Louisa Dick
Congratulations to the following pupils who have worked exceptionally hard and made significant progress in their learning throughout the year.
Nursery – Parker Warwick
P1/2 – Max Dunbar
P2/3- Lily-Rose Innes
P4 – Emilia McNiven
P5/6 – Henry Amos
P6/7 – Melissa Murray
As we live our lives there are times when things don’t turn out as we would wish and we have to learn to deal with these setbacks.  Some children, like some adults, have more resilience than others.  We know that children can be taught strategies that help them become more resilient.  Over the course of the past two years, the children have been learning about resilience.  This is particularly important given the times in which we have been living.
As a legacy upon her retirement, Mrs Easton decided to donate an annual trophy to be awarded to the child who showed the most resilience across the year.
Overall Winner -Damien Robertson
P1/2 – Noah Knox-Welsh
P2/3 – Corbyn Dick
P4 – Aaron Knox-Welsh
P5/6 – Damien Robertson
P6/7 – Lewis Gardiner
Every year, Sir John Mann leaves a sum of money from his will for Carnwath Primary to award two pupils with a Dux Award.  This award is calculated through many different measures of academic achievement within many areas of the curriculum, including through Reading, Spelling and Mathematics assessments as well as through Social Studies,  Languages and Science in a General Knowledge Quiz.
We are delighted to announce the winners of the Dux Award for 2022 are –
OVERALL DUX – Johan Jensen
GIRL DUX – Katie Wilson
Congratulations to you both!
The children earn points all year for being good citizens and for displaying good manners, behaviour and for working hard. These points are counted each week by the House Captains, with support from Mrs Shearer and the weekly total for each house is announced to each class. At the end of the year, the points determine which house has won overall.
This year the winning house was – COUTHALLY. 
Well done to every child who has earned points for their house.

The results are as follows –
Interhouse Football Winners – Medwyn
Interhouse Hockey Winners – Couthally
Interhouse Netball Awards –Medwyn
Interhouse Relay Award – Couthally

Overall Sports Award – Couthally